Module::License::Report::CPANPLUS - Interface to CPANPLUS::Backend


Copyright 2005 Clotho Advanced Media, Inc., <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


    use Module::License::Report::CPANPLUS;
    my $cp = Module::License::Report::CPANPLUS->new();
    my $module = $cp->get_module('Foo::Bar');
    my $license = $module->license();


This is an abstraction of the CPANPLUS API for use by Module::License::Report. It's unlikely that you want to use this directly.


$pkg->new({key => value, ...})

Create a new instance. Supported options are verbose and cb. cb is an instantiated CPANPLUS::Backend instance. If you omit that (which is recommended), one will be created for you.


Changes the mirror site that CPANPLUS uses to download packages.


Returns a Module::License::Report::CPANPLUSModule instance.

The argument can be either a module name like Foo::Bar or a distribution name like Foo-Bar.


Clotho Advanced Media Inc.,

Primary developer: Chris Dolan