Revision history for Perl extension JavaScript.

1.16  2010-02-20
	- Fixed a bunch of memory leaks (Scott++ for reporting them)
	- Added some missing private docs for jsc_set_pending_exception
1.15  2010-01-04
	- It's now possible to set a pending exception in the context from Perl space (Scott McWhirter)
	- can now set JS_LIB_NAME in environment prior to running perl Makefile.PL 
	  so that different library name can be specified (James)
	- binding a value explicitly unsets $@ after it tests to see if something has been bound. (James)
1.14  2009-12-01
	- No functional changes, just a re-dist. (Damn you OS X for preserving resource forks when I don't want it...)
1.13  2009-11-30
	- Fixes compilation issues agains SM from MacPorts. [ #48702] (Dominic Mitchell)
	- Fixes compilation issues on Win32 (Apachez)
	- Don't try to reinit UTF8 cstrings if already done as that'll assert libjs
	- Don't consume the elements of arrays when converting to JS. [ #46356] (Sergey Zhuravlev)
	- Added support for Generators (James Duncan)
1.12  2009-04-04
	- Guard against stack corruption (Salvador Ortiz Garcia)
	- 64-bit build issues (Salvador Ortiz Garcia)
	- Updated Makefile.PL to use new META_* instead of EXTRA_META for repo.
	- Update UTF8 stuff to work with SM 1.8 (James Duncan)
	- Added a native PerlSub type that encapsulates Perl subs.
	- Converts SM regexps to Perl regexps (James Duncan)
	- Added 'apply' method to bound Perl subs (James Duncan)
    - JavaScript::Context is now a PJS_Context * (T_PTROBJ) and not a hash
    - JavaScript::Error now has a stacktrace method that returns the JS stacktrace.
1.11  2008-08-23
    - Added get_options, has_options and toggle_options so one can enable stuff like strict mode and JIT compilation
      if the underlying SpiderMonkey supports it (TraceMonkey ftw!).
1.10  2008-08-11
    - Warn user that JS_THREADSAFE is not what's recommended.
    - Added a native PerlHash type that encapsulates a Perl hash reference in JavaScript.
    - Added a native PerlArray type that encapsulates a Perl array reference in JavaScript.
    - Changed the linked list that stores bound classes to a pair of HVs storing JavaScript::PerlClass objects instead
      which are basically just PJS_Class* instances.
    - Changed the linked list that stores bound functions to an HV storing JavaScript::PerlFunction objects instead
      which are basically just PJS_Function* instances.
    - Fixed a couple of problems that cause contexts no to be destroyed when supposed to
    - Added resources section to META.yml with pointer to repository
    - Improved the test suite a bit by naming tests
1.09  2008-08-03
    - It's now possible to set and get the version of JS our context is dealing with since in
      some cases such as using 'let' and 'yield' we actually have to specify that we want
      1.7 features.
    - Fix a bunch of small pod issues. [ #30333]
    - Fix Changes (this file) to use ISO 8601 dates
1.08  2008-05-08
    - Fixes Makefile.PL issues which made it fail on various platforms when trying to compile test app.
    - Added option to skip building of test app. Set environment variable JS_FORCE to a true value.
1.07  2008-05-06
    - Makefile.PL should abort with exit code 0 if conditions are not met instead of exit code 1.
    - Don't increase refcount for object originating from Perl (James Duncan).
    - Make bind_value croak if trying to rebind an already existing property.
    - bind_value (object|function) will now throw an error if the target already exists. [ #35572]
    - Added unbind_value to remove objects, functions and value from the context. [ #35572]
    - Fix longtime memory leak caused by decreasing refcount on RV instead of on the 
      SV the RV references. [ #35571]
1.06  2008-04-18
    - Objects returned when creating constructor for bound classes should not increment
      refcount because this causes the objects to never be freed (James Duncan)
    - Docs stated argument constructor could be omitted in bind_class which wasn't the case and 
      so now it can and a default constructor will be created.
1.05  2008-04-01
    - Drop support for error handlers
    - This module now requires SpiderMonkey 1.7 or later.
    - Makefile.PL now compiles a small test to see if libs and headers can be found
    - Makefile.PL now discovers install locations on CentOS5 (Gavin Carr)
    - Drop support for Perl 5.6.x and earlier because we need some API symbols not available there 
      and they don't support unicode properly either. [ #31114]
1.04  2007-11-17
    - Skip exception tests on engines less than 1.7 since these seem to be broken.
    - Free memory allocated by JS_smprintf when converting from utf8 strings (spotted by Ash Berlin)
    - Don't call js_ValueToXMLString but instead call JS method "toXMLString" on the object [ #26411]
    - Convert 64bit Perl ints to JSDouble if they are too big to fit in JS ints [ #26474] (Niko Tyni)
    - Add more include paths when building on debian [ #26411] (Niko Tyni)
    - Fix typo in exceptions.c that didn't get global object correctly [ #26411] (Niko Tyni)
    - Use JS_ExecuteScript instead of js_Execute [ #26411] (Niko Tyni)
    - Allow keys/properties to be unicode (Fotango)
    - Object construction can now throw exceptions and it'll propagate to JS space [ #26215]
    - Handle recursive structures better (Fotango)
    - Specify $(O_FILES) instead as a list of .o files as Writefile(OBJECT => ...)
    - Use JS_CallFunction instead of js_InternalCall so we can link aginst libjs build with hidden internals [ #26411]
    - Remove support for custom stacksize since it's not what we thought it was (Fotango)
    - Add tests for exceptions (Fotango)
    - Split up giant .XS file into smaller pieces
    - Added CREDITS to MANIFEST so it's bundled with the distribution
1.03  2007-02-21
    - Honor value of JS_ENABLE_E4X
    - Improved README
    - Added CREDITS
    - Remove unused variables to silence some cc warnings
    - Remove ; from #include directive that can cause compilation warning (Fotango)
    - Skip t/24-c-level-interrupt-handler.t if Inline::C is not installed (Fotango)
    - Added module Test::JavaScript::More that's like Test::More but for JavaScript (Fotango)
    - Added support extending JavaScript::Runtime. This obsoletes "(void *) ext" field in PJS_Runtime and PJS_Context.
    - Added support for multple interrupt handlers. One at perl level and unlimited at C level.
    - A report->linebuf that's NULL should be undefined and not an empty string (Fotango)
    - Use SvPVutf8 macro instead of accessing via sv_2svutf8 (Fotango)
    - Added JavaScript->supports(@features) to check feature support such as e4x, ut8, threading.
    - Added does_support_utf8, does_support_threading and does_support_e4x. But really one should
      be using the method above.
    - Bridge E4X objects into perl space as strings (Fotango)
    - Allow building with debug symbols (set JS_DEBUG to a true value) (Fotango)
    - Allow setting JS_THREADSAFE and JS_UTF8 to true/false to avoid the prompts (Fotango)

1.02  2007-02-17
    - Makefile.PL now generates a JavaScript_Env.h that sets correct defines and includes correct headers
    - Structs, macros etc are now in a JavaScript.h
    - Header files and typemap is now installed with module
    - Added ext field (void *) to PJS_Runtime and PJS_Context that can be used custom stuff
1.01  2007-02-12
    - Added support for detecting DarwinPorts [ #14910]
    - Added missing test for converting JavaScript booleans -> Perl
    - Integrated patch that fixes compilation problems on Debian (Toru Yamaguchi, Daniel Burke)
    - Cleaned up TODO

1.00  2006-09-04
    - Release of 1.00

1.00_02  2006-08-19
    - Incorporated patch to support new SpiderMokey installation-scheme in Debian [ #18152]
    - Passing ERRSV to SVToJSVAL doesn't seem to be safe so we'll pass a copy instead (Tom Insam)
    - Cleaning up some internal function names

1.00_01  2006-07-11
    - Fixed invocation of methods on objects
    - Added support for "static" methods of classes, i.e. "" should now work
    - Added support for "static" properties of classes, i.e. " = 10"; should now work
    - get_engine_version now returns a list in list context with (engine, version and date of build)
    - You can now attach a custom interrupt handler to a runtime for tracing stuff
    - Added more tests
    - Integrated fixes by Fotango (pathes by Chia-liang Kao, Tom Insam, James Duncan)
        - Support for UTF8 in scripts if SpiderMonkey can handle it
        - bind_value in JavaScript::Context
        - Encapsulate returned JavaScript functions as JavaScript::Function objects
        - Better exception handling
        - Unitialized line variable in jss_compile
        - Make sure JavaScript::Context->can also handles undefined values
        - Lots or more tests
        - And lots more

0.55  2005-06-30
    - Fixed error handling (patch by G. Allen Morris III)

0.54  2005-06-29
    - Make Makefile.PL play happy games with Gentoo (patch by sungo)

0.53  2005-03-18
    - Added JS_THREADSAFE define, which fixed bug on perl 5.8.5
      thread-multi linux
    - added tests for debian spidermonkey libs (debian users can
      now do "apt-get install libsmjs-dev" and compile the module)
    - Added conversion of boolean values from JS to Perl
    - moved JS_THREADSAFE to Makefile.PL and made code handle handle
      both cases (though it appears to be mandatory to get the code
      to run on perl 5.8.6 threaded and unthreaded)
    - Fixed a couple of alloc()s
0.52  2001-08-11
    - Added can method to JavaScript::Context
    - Removed the need of passing the JSClass name to bind_object
    - Fixed issues with package
    - Fixed return from call
    - Brought docs up to sync with implementation

0.51  2001-07-26
    - Changed new_context to create_context to match documentation
    - Changed create_context to not try and take named arguments

0.5   2001-06-25
    - First public release
0.01  2001-03-19
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
        -f -n JavaScript