Changes for version v1.20160917.1822 - 2016-09-17

  • commit 37108adfc10d47515a50530352c520d84a0db3f3 Author: chromatic <> Date: Sat Sep 17 11:21:40 2016 -0700
    • Added a couple more tiny optimizations.
    • Again, if this module did anything more than it does, they probably wouldn't be worth it.
  • commit 388140bbb2ae620e8394c6e578c66766c07fa186 Author: chromatic <> Date: Sat Sep 17 11:15:37 2016 -0700
    • Added minor optimizations.
    • These are very, very small -- but this is middleware, so even the modest expense can add up over time. Given that this is essentially one effective line of code, the balance seems appropriate.
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