Games::PMM - Paper Maché Monsters README

version 0.10 - Sat Nov 29 21:15:22 UTC 2003

Paper Maché Monsters is a game of wind-up monster fighting.  Monsters battle
each other in an arena.  Monsters run through individual command lists to
govern their behavior.

The last standing (or least damaged) monster wins.


As per a normal Perl module, installation is simple.  You must have
Module::Build installed first, however:

	$ perl Build.PL
	$ ./Build
	$ ./Build test
	$ ./Build install


See the documentation of Games::PMM for detailed instructions.  If you've
installed this distribution, use:

	$ perldoc Games::PMM

Otherwise, use the following invocation (with the path changed appropriately
for your platform):

	$ perldoc lib/Games/


Copyright (c) 2003, chromatic (

This distribution is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.  Share and