0.30 - Fri Dec 12 06:13:30 UTC 2003
0.20 - Tue Dec  9 05:39:56 UTC 2003 
0.10 - about a week earlier


Class::Roles provides a role-based system of object-oriented programming.
Either install the module and use the command:

	$ perldoc Class::Roles

or use this command (with pathnames changed to fit the perversions of your
favored operating system):

	$ perldoc lib/Class/

or, if you're heroic and can read raw POD in situ, open the module above in
your favorite text editor.  Let it not be said that you are bereft of choice.


Use Module::Build.  It's quite handy:

	$ perl Build.PL
	$ ./Build
	$ ./Build test
	$ sudo ./Build install

Again, season to taste to match your desired shell, your paths, and whatever
invocation grants you root-like powers on your computer as necessary.


Copyright (c) chromatic 2003.  This program is licensed under the same terms as
Perl itself.  There's no warranty.  That doesn't mean I won't fix bugs if they
exist or add reasonable features, though.  You just have to report and request