This is xsh - an XML Editing Shell
Copyright (c) 2002 Petr Pajas

xsh is a powerfull command-line XML (DOM) editing tool/programming
language in the manner of Unix shell interpreters and line-oriented
text editors like ed. It can be used either interactively or for
batch-mode XML processing.


- work with multiple DOM trees at once

- XPATH navigation (filesystem-like) navigation within a DOM tree

- copy/move nodes within a DOM tree or between two DOM trees

- node deletion

- node creation (element, attribute, text, cdata, comment,
  well-balanced chunk)

- XPATH search and XML listing of nodes matched with XPATH

- XPATH-based conditional statements, while statement

- foreach statement allowing usage of relative XPATH expressions

- command output filtering with unix pipe, for example
  xsh> list //word | grep [A-Z] | less 
  to read a list all word elements containing chars from [A-Z] in less

- use of system commands (!ls) like in ftp

- XSLT transformation

- validation

- textual and node-list variables

- user-defined procedures

- access to perl and shell commands

- extensive help

- and more


Download and install all required perl modules. See INSTALL for a
list. To install xsh itself, check PREFIX in and type `make
install'. If you don't trust make-files, read INSTALL for details on
manual installation.


run `xsh -i' from your terminal and type `help | less' to find
out what to do next.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of either:
    a) GPL - GNU General Public Licence - Version 2
       See or LICENCE file included in
       XSH distribution package

    b) the "Perl Artistic License" 
       See Artistic file included in XSH distribution package