xsh - an XML Editing Shell
Copyright (c) 2002 Petr Pajas

To install xsh, first install all required modules as described below.
Then install xsh either 

automatically (highly recommended):

From CPAN:

$ perl -MCPAN -e shell
cpan> install XML::XSH

From tar-ball

$ unzip xsh-1.??.tar.gz
$ cd xsh-1.??
$ perl Makefile.PL  
$ make
$ make install

you may use `perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=<prefix>' to install to a
directory tree different from /usr



1) copy xsh to some location in your PATH 
2) copy lib/XSH subdirectory and its content into one of the following

- a directory in Perl's @INC search path
- the directory where you placed xsh
- a lib/ directory in the parent directory of the directory
  where xsh is located 
- a lib/ sub-directory in the directory where xsh is located

For example:
  cp xsh /usr/local/bin
  cp -R XSH/ /usr/local/lib
  chmod 775 /usr/local/bin/xsh  # if your tar did not preserve this


o Unix/BSD/Linux or similar operating system
o Perl version 5.6 (may work with earlier Perl5, but wasn't tested)
o The following modules, available at CPAN http://www.cpan.org:

  Parse::RecDescent          (>=1.80)
  Text::Iconv                (>=1.2)
  XML::LibXML                (>=1.31)
  XML::LibXSLT               (>=1.31)

A bundle of all this modules and below mentioned libraries may be
downloaded from author's homepage at: http://www.matfyz.cz/pajas

Other Dependencies:

Modules XML::LibXML and XML::LibXSLT require the following libraries
available at http://www.xmlsoft.org:


and also seem to depend on the following Perl modules (avalable at
CPAN http://www.cpan.org):

  XML::SAX::Base             (>=1.00)
  XML::SAX                   (>=0.02)

Installing modules from CPAN

If you have a direct internet connection, you may install Perl modules
from CPAN by typing

  $ perl -MCPAN -e shell

answering few initial questions and installing the modules one by one with

  cpan> install <module-name>

where <module-name> is one of the modules mentioned above.