Release 1.8.2:

Changes since 1.8 (CVS)
Incompatible changes:
   - xsh now uses UTF8 as the default encoding and query-encoding.
     You may change it to your prefered charset by adding 
       encoding <charset>;
       query-encoding <charset>;
     into your ~/.xshrc.

New features:
   - new xsh option --format to start with indent 1 and keep_blanks 0
   - new xsh options --input (-I), --output (-O), and --process (-P) to
     automatically open given file (as a default document called _ - underscore)
     and save it after the processing
   - external DTD validation support (valid, validate)
   - RelaxNG and XSD validation support for valid and validate
     (may require CVS LibXML)
   - conditional variant of include (ifinclude) added
   - new commands set-enc and set-standalone allow changing the
     values in document's XML decl
   - new option commands affecting serialization: empty-tags ($EMPTY_TAGS) and 
     skip-dtd ($SKIP_DTD)

   - new Perl module: Inline::XSH to simplify inclusion of inline XSH
     code in Perl programs

Bug fixes:
   - fixed broken XPath extension functions (xsh:grep, xsh:matches, ...)
   - encoding related fix for Perl 5.8 (now using Encode in Perl 5.8)
   - serialization now doesn't force utf-8 encoding on files with no
     encoding specified
   - fixed @ARGV passing
   - documentation fixes
   - bug fixes

Release 1.8:

Changes since 1.7 (CVS)
New features:

* User Interface: 

  - Major TAB-completion improvements: XPath-completion (can be disabled
    for large documents), improved filename, command, variable and
    keyword completion. 
  - xsh without arguments starts in interactive shell mode if run from a
  - xsh -p for easier pipe-line XML processing.
  - xsh now defines long variants for command-line options.
  - xsh --man displays nice manual page.
* Language: 
  - register-namespace (regns) command for registering a namespace
    prefix to be used in XPath queries.
  - register-function (regfunc) command allowing writing a custom
    XPath extension functions (in Perl) - EXPERIMENTAL
  - XPath extensions functions xsh:doc,xsh:matches,xsh:grep,xsh:same
    (check xsh help xpath or the on-line documentation here).
  - undef command to undefine existing XSH subroutines allowing
    include-scripts to be reloaded - EXPERIMENTAL
  - stream command for processing huge documents, that do not fit into
    memory - EXPERIMENTAL
  - rename command similar to map but working on node's name rather
    than content.
  - Some document-oriented commands (such as save) no longer require
    arguments (assuming current document's ID by default)
  * Support: 
  - Improved documentation: manpages (xsh(1) and XSH(3)), and
    command-line help xsh --help, xsh --man.
  - xsh now uses long options.
  - Simplified Windows installation based on PPM.
  - Disabled GDOME support
  - Bug fixes.
  - Updated bundle of requred modules

Changes since 1.7 (CVS)

  - bug fixes.
  - new try {...} catch [[local] $var] {...} syntactic construction
    allows to catch and handle parsing and other errors.
  - new throw command (aka perl { die "...\n" })
  - new Perl/PHP-like last, next, redo, return loop and subroutine 
    interruption commands
  - new strip command for stripping whitespace
  - new normalize command for puting adjacent text nodes together
  - new catalog command makes the XML parser use a given catalog file
  - new experimental iterate command
  - changed sort command syntax (you've been warned)
  - completion improvements (now little more context sensitive and
    completes variable, subroutine and help chapter names)
  - new Perl support function type to check node types
  - Perl support functions now return lists in array context
  - added -w command-line option to turn all DTD related stuff off
  - added -a command-line option to pass command line arguments to a
    XSH script via Perl's @ARGV added -l command-line option to pass
    script name 
  - access to all configuration flags/options (such as validation)
    through variables to allow making changes local (read `help flag'
    or run var to see a list) and some more...

Changes since 1.5
  - XML::LibXML 1.54

New features:
  - local (temporary) variables
  - subroutine may take parameters
  - forward defs (with no body) allow recursion
  - call strongly checks argument types
  - new location keywords: append, prepend
  - new location semantics (mostly clean-up)
  - perl-code result substitution in expressions using ${{{ ... }}}
  - string xpath result substitution in expressions using ${( ... )}
  - new Perl functions: literal, xml_list and count
  - new switch-to-new-documents flag (allows to disable selecting
  - simplified and more general open/save commands
  - support document level node insertion
  - improved error reporting from XSH grammar parser
  - docbook loading support
  - pipeline redirection may follow statements
  - grammar optimizations (some more speed-up achieved)

Other changes:
  - XSH now starts with validation 0
  - new xsh option -v allows starting with validation on
  - obsolete xsh -c flag removed
  - documentation enhancements

Bug fixes:
  - indentation fixes
  - fixed ReadLine::Gnu completion support
  - ~/.xsh_history works for Term::ReadLine::Gnu now
  - fixed doubled history entries
  - double/single quoting fixed in expressions
  - experimental support for entity reference insertion
  - fixed error catching
  - fixed and improved Ctrl+C handling
  - some more bug-fixes