Module: Text::ParseWords
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This is a CORE module. If you installed perl 5.003 or above, an
old version of this module is already available to you. This CPAN
package is only here to update core distributions prior 5.10.

The version provided is the same that comes with perl 5.10.
If you run a newer version of perl, the version of Text::ParseWords
included there may be newer.

Please run "perldoc Text::ParseWords" to see what this module
is for.

- ----------

To update your core, simply perform these usual steps:

make test
make install

Authors of Text::ParseWords
- -------------------------

Maintainer: Alexandr Ciornii.

Previous maintainer: Hal Pomeranz <>, 1994-1997 (Original
author unknown).  Much of the code for &parse_line() (including the
primary regexp) from Joerk Behrends <>.

Examples section another documentation provided by John Heidemann 

Bug reports, patches, and nagging provided by lots of folks-- thanks
everybody!  Special thanks to Michael Schwern <>
for assuring me that a &nested_quotewords() would be useful, and to 
Jeff Friedl <> for telling me not to worry about
error-checking (sort of-- you had to be there).