Revision history for Perl extension File::NCopy.

0.36 Nov 26 2007 by Alexandr Ciornii
    - perl 5.5 compatibility in tests

0.35 Apr 14 2007 by Alexandr Ciornii
    - Marked distribution as deprecated
    - Added Readme

0.34_01 Apr 01 2007 by Alexandr Ciornii
    - better distribution
    - some small fixes
    - Added file 'Contributing.txt'
    - Request in Makefile.PL
    - test moved to t/, use strict
    - pod.t

0.34 Thu Apr 24 15:33:00 2003 by MZSANFORD
    - Added more File::Spec usage
    - Added a note in BUGS from Ken Healy
    - Fixed "preserve" option (thanks again Ken)

0.33 Mon May 20 00:00:00 2002 by MZSANFORD
    - Added version that uses File::Spec to make portable.
    - Added some basic tests
    - Added additional debug statements
    - tested code on Win32

0.32 Thu Jun 25 17:45:04 1998
    - Added force-write option.  Fixed a bug which kept the module
      working when not used in OO mode.  Fixed lack of directory
      creation when encountering an empty directory.  Added debug option
      and more debugging info printed.

0.31 Fri May 15 17:08:23 1998
    - Changed the POSIX module to Cwd since it's more portable to
      non-Unix systems.

0.30 Fri Apr 18 23:13:47 1998
    - Added the follow_links attribute so that links are now followed if
      the attribute is set.  I also fixed the way symlinks are set, the
      previous behaviour wasn't the most desirable.

0.20 Tue Apr 15 23:30:24 1998
    - Quite a few new features.  You can now use it as an object
      oriented module with a few new attributes.  Also it the first
      argument is a scalar reference and it's used as a straight forward
      module the scalar will be the value of the recursive flag.  If
      copying a directory with the recursive flag non-zero then the
      directory is recursively copied over.  There are several other new

0.12 Tue Apr 14 15:49:40 1998
    - Set the file permissons and directory permissions to the same as
      we are copying from.

0.11 Mon Apr 13 16:37:30 1998
    - Changed the return values to successes rather than failures since
      it makes more sense.

0.10  Fri Apr 10 22:29:41 1998
    - original version