0.14 2012-03-26
   - No functional changes in this release
   - Don't rely on hash keys being ordered in tests, Perl 5.18 introduces a
     per process randomization.

0.13 2011-02-12
   - No functional changes in this release
   - Added eg/runfcgi.pl, contributed by Paul Evans (LeoNerd)
   - Added eg/server.pl

0.12 2010-07-14
    - Added Net::FastCGI::IO

0.11 2010-04-09
    - Documented the goals with this project/distribution
    - Net::FastCGI::Protocol
      - Fixed dump_record() to properly escape FCGI_NameValuePair header
        - Added tests for this
      - Added get_record_length()
        - Added documentation and tests
      - Changed parse_record() to return a list in list context, this makes it 
        more consistent with parse_header()
         - Added documentation and tests this change
      - Changed dump_record() to accept a string of octets (old behavior is 
        still supported but deprecated, please change function call to dump_record_body())
        This change makes it more consistent with parse_record_body().
          - Added documentation and tests this change

0.10 2010-04-02
    - Minor optimizations to avoid unnecessary copying of '$content' strings
    - Fixed dump_record() to properly insert ellipsis when truncating stream content
      - added tests for this
    - Added more tests for dump_record()

0.09 2010-03-31
    - Added check_params() and dump_record()
      - added documentation 
      - added test for check_params() and dump_record() (incomplete)
    - Minor optimizations to build_stream() and build_record()

0.08 2010-02-16
    - Documented return value of get_type_name(), get_role_name()
      and get_protocol_status_name().
    - Changed test prerequisite from Test::BinaryData to Test::HexString.
    - Corrected note about AnyEvent::FCGI, it's capable of multiplexing. 

0.07 2010-02-10
    - Added notes about existing Perl implementations.
    - Added references to specifications and white papers.
    - Minor internal "cosmetic" changes
    - Added more tests for build_begin_request() and build_end_request()

0.06 2010-02-09
    - NOTE: Changed application_status to app_status, this affects users of
      parse_record() or parse_record_body(). Former was unnecessarily verbose.
      Latter also matches the component name of FCGI_BeginRequestBody struct.
    - Added build_begin_request() and build_end_request()
      - added documentation and tests for these

0.05 2010-02-06
    - Net::FastCGI::Constant
      - Improved documentation
        - Re-factored Net::FastCGI::Protocol to use these.
        - FCGI_MAX_LEN is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
    - Net::FastCGI::Protocol
      - Fixed parse_record() and parse_record_body() to properly detect malformed
        stream records.
        - Added tests for this.
      - Increased segment size in build_stream() from 8192 to 32760 to reflect modern
        socket buffers.
        - Updated tests
        - Documented segment size
      - Documented scalar return value of parse_header()
      - Minor documentation updates

0.04 2010-01-30
    - Added parse_record() and parse_record_body()
      - Added tests for these
      - Added docs (incomplete)
    - Cleaned up exception messages. Protocol exceptions now have a FastCGI prefix
    - Fixed parse_params() to correctly detect incomplete FCGI_NameValuePair's
      - added tests for this
    - Added tests for build_stream()
    - Changed parse_header() to return a hash reference in scalar context
      - added tests for this
    - Coverage ~90% (stmt:100.0 bran:96.9 cond:92.9)
      - More tests (and docs) needed to cover all cases

0.03 2010-01-23
    - Fixed package loading in Net::FastCGI::Protocol

0.02 2010-01-23
    - Removed object oriented implementation, it will eventually be released as
      a separate distribution with different prerequisites.
    - Removed unnecessary functions from Net::FastCGI::Protocol
    - Re-factored internals of Net::FastCGI::Protocol to be more performant.
    - No major changes planned for existing API in Net::FastCGI::Protocol

0.01_01 2009-10-17
    - Initial release.