Revision history for perl distribution Net::Fritz

v0.0.9 2017-07-20

 - Use SSL communication by default.  If this makes any problems,
   please let me know so I can revert the change in the next version
   (or better yet: fix the bug).
   In case of problems, call Net::Fritz::Box->new with
   upnp_url => '' to revert to the old behaviour.
 - Net::Fritz::Box->new( configfile => 0) will now check multiple
   locations for the default configuration file, see
   Net::Fritz::ConfigFile for details
 - various documentation fixes

v0.0.8 2017-07-08

 - Net::Fritz::Box::new() can parse a configuration file where you can
   store the username and password to log into your FRITZ!Box
 - new convenience methods that reduce boilerplate code:
   - Net::Fritz::Box::call()
   - Net::Fritz::Device::call()
 - various documentation fixes

v0.0.7 2017-06-14

 - next try to fix XML::Simple related bugs during test execution,
   this time by forcing XML::Simple to use XML::Parser
   (still can't reproduce locally, need the tester infrastructure
    to pick up a new released version)

v0.0.6 2017-06-12

 - try to fix XML::Simple related bugs during test execution
   where parse_string() gets something that looks more like a file
   (sort of a heisenbug: rarely happens, can't reproduce,
    CPAN test reports show about 0.5% error rate)

v0.0.5 2017-04-05

 - send all action parameters als SOAP strings
   (prevents SOAP::Lite from mistaking UTF8 to be base64)
 - brush up distribution
   - add provided module versions to META.json/META.yml

v0.0.4 2017-04-02

 - cache network connections to speed up consecutive actions

v0.0.3 2016-06-21

 - bump LWP::UserAgent dependency to 6.00 because ssl_opts are needed
 - re-enable author test for SSL connection
 - brush up distribution
   - add META.json
   - declare minimum required Perl version
   - add github repository links
   - add github bugtracker link
   - mark special tests as author tests

v0.0.2 2016-06-17

 - bugfix for "Experimental keys on scalar is now forbidden"
   during tests under perl 5.24 ( #115356)
 - switch build to Dist::Zilla
   - add $VERSION to every module
   - fix some dependencies

v0.0.1 2016-06-15

 - Initial release

v0.0.0 2015-07-25

 - Start coding