0.03007 2008-12-08

    - Bump required version no. of HTML-FormFu to 0.03007

0.03006 2008-12-03

    - options_from_model() - If we've a Catalyst context but no schema on
      the form stash, use config values for 'model' and 'resultset'
    - update() - if a checkbox/radio value isn't submitted, and the column
      is NOT NULL, set it to 0 (zero), not DEFAULT VALUE.
    - Tests for new ComboBox element.
    - Modified delete_if_true example to no longer use "delete" as a
      form item name - this is bad!

0.03003 2008-08-21

    - Updated to work with is_field/is_block changes in HTML-FormFu

0.03002 2008-08-11

    - New {label} setting.
    - New {new_empty_row_multi} setting.
    - Allow {nested_base} on non-column, non-rel methods.
    - Bugfix: RT#35861 - not all non-field elements have a nested_name() method.
    - Bugfix: use new_related() instead of create_related() before setting
      column values, to ensure we don't die on NOT NULL columns.

0.03000 2008-06-19

    - First CPAN release
    - HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC moved out of HTML::FormFu distribution