Changes for version 0.03004 - 2008-09-03

  • New reCAPTCHA element.
  • New pt_br (Brazilian Portuguese) translation from Daniel Nicoletti.
  • New load_config_filestem() method for loading config files without having to specify the file extension.
  • New script, for viewing config files structure.
  • Assorted optimizations, providing over 20% runtime speedup.
  • Radio element now inherits from Checkbox, to remove duplicated code.
  • Radiogroup element now inherits from Checkboxgroup, to remove duplicated code.
  • checkboxgroup_tag template file has been removed - Checkboxgroup now just uses radiogroup_tag file.
  • All non-english I18N packages now correctly "use utf8;"
  • load_config_file() now switches on Config-General's UTF8, so that files are correctly decoded.
  • Regex filter now has an eval() method, which if true, eval's the contents of replace(), to allow the use of $1 variables or any other perl expression.
  • Allow languages() to be a single value, rather than just an arrayref.
  • CompoundJoin filter now ignores empty values.
  • examples/unicode updated.
  • Manual-Unicode cat. config examples changed to use MyApp->config().
  • Stop warnings for undefined attributes - reported by Rod Taylor.
  • Documentation improvements by Ansgar Burchardt.


deploy local copy of HTML::FormFu template files
Cooking with HTML::FormFu
Working with unicode


HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
Constrain User Input
ASCII Characters Constraint
Multi-field All or None Constraint
Set Constraint for Selects / Radiogroups
Boolean Constraint
Code Callback Constraint
Code Callback Constraint
Multi-field Dependency Constraint
Email Address Constraint
Multi-field Equality Constraint
File Upload Constraint
Unsigned Integer Constraint
Min/Max Length String Constraint
Maximum Length String Constraint
Minimum Length String Constraint
Min/Max Multi-field Constraint
Numerical Constraint
Printable Characters Constraint
Numerical Range Constraint
Required Field Constraint
Set of Values Constraint
Single Value Constraint
Single Word Constraint
Base class for constraints needing others() method
Deflator Base Class
CompoundDateTime deflator
CompoundSplit deflator
Element Base Class
Button form field
Checkbox form field
Group of checkbox form fields
Button form field containing markup
3 select menu multi-field
File upload form field
Hidden form field
horizontal-rule element
Image button form field
Combine multiple fields in a single element
Password form field
Radio form field
Group of radiobutton form fields
repeatable block element
Reset button form field
Select form field
simple table element
custom HTML element
Submit button form field
Text form field
Textarea form field
base class for all form-field elements
grouped form field base-class
input field base-class
base class for single-tag elements
"Are you human" tester!
Filter Base Class
filter with custom subroutine
CompoundSprintf filter
copy the value from an other field
Encode/Decode Submitted Values
filter escaping HTML
filter removing HTML markup
filter transforming to lower case
filter removing all non-numeric characters
regexp-based match/replace filter
filter splitting a singe valut into an arrayref
filter timming whitespace
filter transforming to upper case
filter stripping all whitespace
base class for Compound filters
Inflator Base Class
CompoundDateTime inflator
base class for models
Post-process HTML output
Nicely Indent HTML Output
Strip shitespace from HTML output
base class for plugins
place valid params on form stash
base class for constraints
Transformer Base Class
uploaded file
Validator Base Class


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