Changes for version 0.02000 - 2007-12-12

  • New HTML::FormFu::Model::DBIC module to replace DBIx::Class::HTML::FormFu
  • New Repeatable block element
  • New "nested" params support. Form and Block elements have a new nested_name() method. Field elements have new nested(), nested_name() and nested_names() methods. Doesn't require CGI::Expand or Catalyst::Plugin::NestedParams
  • Uses new "string" renderer by default - doesn't use template files, Generated markup still exactly the same, Set render_method("tt") to use the template files (old behaviour), render_class_args() renamed to tt_args(), Template files now installed into @INC path by File::ShareDir, INCLUDE_PATH no longer set by default
  • New Checkboxgroup element. Works much like Radiogroup, but with
  • checkboxes
  • Support multiple yaml documents in a single file - calls populate() once for each document
    • Date element now uses names of the form "date_day" instead of "", so as to not conflict with the new nested-params. This should only affect you if your client-side code (CSS, JS) references the field names
  • Group elements (Select, Radiogroup, Checkboxgroup) now support a 'label_loc' argument, to provide the item labels via localize()
  • *_loc() methods now accept an arrayref argument, to allowing setting in YAML config files
  • render() now returns a string, not an object. $form->render->start_form() must be changed to $form->start(), $form->render->end_form() must be changed to $form->end, $form->render->field('foo') must be changed to $form->get_field('foo'), $form->render->hidden_fields() must be changed to $form->hidden_fields()
  • Bugfix: OutputProcessor::Indent was indenting closing tag, when it's value was empty (RT 30239)
  • Bugfix: Objects were getting wrong parents during clone() and auto_fieldset()


Cooking with HTML::FormFu
Working with unicode


HTML Form Creation, Rendering and Validation Framework
Constrain User Input
ASCII Characters Constraint
Multi-field All or None Constraint
Set Constraint for Selects / Radiogroups
Boolean Constraint
Code Callback Constraint
Code Callback Constraint
Multi-field Dependency Constraint
Email Address Constraint
Multi-field Equality Constraint
Unsigned Integer Constraint
Min/Max Length String Constraint
Maximum Length String Constraint
Minimum Length String Constraint
Min/Max Multi-field Constraint
Numerical Constraint
Printable Characters Constraint
Numerical Range Constraint
Required Field Constraint
Set of Values Constraint
Single Value Constraint
Single Word Constraint
Base class for constraints needing others() method
Deflator Base Class
Element Base Class
Button form field
Checkbox form field
Group of checkbox form fields
Button form field containing markup
3 select menu multi-field
File upload form field
Hidden form field
Image button form field
Combine multiple fields in a single element
Password form field
Radio form field
Group of radiobutton form fields
repeatable block element
Reset button form field
Select form field
Submit button form field
Text form field
Textarea form field
grouped form field base-class
input field base-class
Filter Base Class
filter with custom subroutine
copy the value from an other field
Encode/Decode Submitted Values
Inflator Base Class
Integrate HTML::FormFu with DBIx::Class
Post-process HTML output
Nicely Indent HTML Output
Strip shitespace from HTML output
base class for constraints
Transformer Base Class
Validator Base Class


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