Summary of important user-visible changes for Bio-Tools-Run-Alignment-Clustawl

1.7.4     2018-07-11 15:56:41+01:00 Europe/London
  * Bio::Installer::Clustalw has been removed.  It was installing a
    very old version of clustalw, many years out of date and UNIX
    only, it was also unsecure.  Either install Clustal W via your
    system package manager, or download it from upstream.

1.7.3     2017-09-27 18:30:00+01:00 Europe/London
  * Replace requires_external.t with a check in the Makefile.PL for
    clustalw.  This ensures that the installation fails instead of
    triggering a test failure since a test failure indicates a bug in
    the package.  This avoids failure reports CPAN Testers.

1.7.2     2017-09-14 16:04:14+01:00 Europe/London
  * First release after split from bioperl-run.