Revision history for Perl extension Dist-Zilla-LocaleTextDomain

     - Switched to Path::Tiny. IMPORTANT: This is potentially a backwards
       compatibility break for third-party plugin code that relies on certain
       plugin attributes following the Class::Path API.
     - Removed deprecation warnings in test related to Dist::Zilla 6.0
       having switched from Class::Path to Path::Tiny.
     - Added new attributes: xgettext_args, override_args, and join_existing.
       These attributes allow greater customization over extraction.
     - Added newer perls to Travis CI. Thanks to viviparous for the patch!

0.90  2014-09-22T21:48:12Z
     - Updated docs to reflect proper ShareDir support in Locale::TextDomain
       v1.21 and higher.
     - Various documentation corrections.
     - Added `finder` attribute to customize the files that are searched for
       localization strings. Previously, only `*.pm` files were searched, but
       now will be extracted from files below `lib/` and the files in the
       directory configured for the `ExecDir` plug-in (if loaded). Edit the
       `finder` attribute in the `LocaleTextDomain` section of `dist.ini` to
       change this behavior. Thanks to Manfred Stock for the patch!

0.87  2013-11-24T04:46:40Z
     - Updated file gathering to suport Dist::Zilla 5.0's improved character
       encoding support.
     - Fixed Pod link to actually link.

0.86  2013-04-09T00:32:43Z
     - Added diagnostic output to some tests to help figure out why they fail
       on some platforms.
     - Added code to the installer to throw an error if the version of GNU
       gettext appears to be less then v0.17.0. v0.17.0 is required for the
       `--package-name` and `--package-version` options.

0.85  2013-01-08T23:07:42Z
     - Changed `msg-compile` to take a list of file names, rather than
       language codes. This brings it in line with the interface of
     - Added a section for translators to the documentation.

0.84  2013-01-08T20:24:42Z
     - Changed some logging output to be prefixed with `[LocalTextDomain]`
       rather than `[DZ]`.
     - Added the `msg-compile` command, which allows one to arbitrarily
       compile one or more language catalogs. This should be useful for
       translators who want to test a catalog as they translate it.

0.83  2012-12-04T23:54:12Z
     - Added improved failure message when GNU gettext cannot be found, as
       well as slightly improved detection of the fact that it's not
       installed. Thanks to Jeff Lavallee for the box to test it on.

0.82  2012-12-03T19:06:03Z
     - Fixed broken call to `log_fatal` in the `msg-init` command that caused
       the actual error to be lost in favor of a bad method call error. Thanks
       Joenio Costa for the patch.
     - Added a note on how to get Locale::TextDomain to return character
       strings instead of byte strings.
     - Now refuse to build if `gettext --version` does not work at build time.

0.81  2012-10-02T16:25:43Z
      - Removed tests for the `add_lang` command, which was never shipped,
        but renamed `msg_init`.

0.80  2012-10-01T19:00:55Z
      - Switched from `system()` to IPC::Run3, so that STDOUT and STDERR
        messages can be passed to the Dist::Zilla logger.
      - Added new `dzil` commands:
        + `msg-scan` - Scan modules for messages to create translation template file
        + `msg-init` - Create a new language translation file
        + `msg-merge` - Merge message changes into translation files
      - Added short tutorial as main documentation, Dist::Zilla::LocaleTextDomain.
0.10  2012-09-06T22:12:48Z
      - Initial release with just the LocaleTextDomain plugin.