Changes for version 0.91

  • Switched to Path::Tiny. IMPORTANT: This is potentially a backwards compatibility break for third-party plugin code that relies on certain plugin attributes following the Class::Path API.
  • Removed deprecation warnings in test related to Dist::Zilla 6.0 having switched from Class::Path to Path::Tiny.
  • Added new attributes: xgettext_args, override_args, and join_existing. These attributes allow greater customization over extraction.
  • Added newer perls to Travis CI. Thanks to viviparous for the patch!


Compile language translation files
Add language translation catalogs to a dist
Merge localization strings into translation catalogs
Scan localization strings into a translation template
Tools for managing Locale::TextDomain language catalogs
Compile Local::TextDomain language files
Something finds or creates a gettext language translation template file
Something that writes gettext language translation template file