PerlQt version 0.60_b1

For simple install instructions, see the README file.

You can build this module using either the Build.PL script, or CMake.

Perl > 5.  I've tested on Perl 5.8.6 and 5.10.0.
Qt > 4.0.  I've tested on Qt 4.4.3, 4.5.0, 4.5.1, and 4.5.2.
libsmokeqt/Alien::QtSmoke > 4.3.0.
cmake      ( to build Alien::QtSmoke ).

This module uses libsmokeqt to talk to the Qt library.  QtSmoke is maintained
by KDE developers, in the kdebindings package.  Alien::QtSmoke can take care of
installing this library for you.  Or, if you have installed a system version of
kdebindings, you can tell either Build.PL or CMake where to find it.

The Build.PL script accepts the following options:
    --with-smoke-dir      The prefix where libsmokeqt is installed.
    --with-smoke-inc-dir  The path to smoke.h, defaults to ${smokedir}/inc.
    --with-smoke-lib-dir  The path to, defaults to ${smokedir}/lib.
    --with-qt-dir         The prefix where Qt is installed.
    --with-qt-inc-dir     The path to the Qt headers, defaults to ${qtdir}/inc.
    --with-qt-lib-dir     The path to the Qt libraries, defaults to ${qtdir}/lib.
    --build-debug         Enable runtime debugging options.

Usually, arguments to Build.PL are not required.  If Alien::QtSmoke is
installed, Build.PL will use the paths provided by that module to determine
where to find libsmokeqt.  Build.PL tries both pkg-config and qmake to detect
Qt.  Make sure that qmake is in your path before running Build.PL

To build the bidnings, run
    perl Build.PL
    ./Build install


If you don't have cmake, you can download the most recent version at

First, I recommend building the module in it's own directory.  Type:
    mkdir build
    cd build

cmake provides a nice 'GUI'ish interface to view compile time options.  To view
this, type:
    ccmake ..

Once that finishes, exit with 'q', and type:
    cmake ..

If you just want to use all the default values and paths, you can skip the
ccmake step.

The standard options are:
    CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE = The type of build ('Debug', 'Release', etc)
    CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX = The location for any executables ( e.g. puic4 )
    CUSTOM_PERL_SITE_ARCH_DIR = The location for the perl modules themselves.
    ENABLE_PERLQT = Build PerlQt bindings.  You'll want this.
    ENABLE_SMOKE = Build SmokeQt.  See below.
    QT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE = The path to your system's qmake.

Building this module involves 2 main parts.  First it builds the smokeqt
object, then it builds the bindings.  The Smoke object is the generic interface
to the Qt library that the Perl bindings are built on top of.  If you already
have a SmokeQt object built, you can use your system's library by setting

cmake looks in your path for a qmake executable.  If it can't find it, it will
complain and fail to configure properly.  If your qmake is not in your path,
you can tell cmake where to find it by either setting it in ccmake, or on the
commandline with:
    cmake .. -DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE=/path/to/my/qmake

Once configured, compile and install with:
    make install