2008-05-13  Arno Rehn  <arno@arnorehn.de>

	* Merged the modular smoke branch with trunk.

2004-06-27  Richard Dale  <Richard_Dale@tipitina.demon.co.uk>

	* The qtruby and korundum ruby bindings are built by default
	* Both Qt only and Qt/KDE versions of the Smoke library are built

2002-11-05 Marcus Urban <murban@mylinuxisp.com>
	* Match changes made in KDE's RGBColor class in kdec, kdejava
	* Various changes in qtc and qtjava to match changes in Qt 3.1

2002-04-12  Richard Dale <duke@tipitina.demon.co.uk>

	* qtobjc is now built before kdeobjc

2002-04-12  Richard Dale <duke@tipitina.demon.co.uk>
	* added some extra Objective-C macro initialisation
	* kdec is now built by default
2001-11-16  Richard Dale <duke@tipitina.demon.co.uk
	* added kalyptus - kdoc derived bindings generator for 
          C/Objective-C/Java. Initial checkin.
2001-11-15  Richard Dale <duke@tipitina.demon.co.uk
	* added Qt 3 beta6/KDE 3 alpha1/GNUstep Foundation Kit 
          Objective-C bindings
2001-10-22  Richard Dale <duke@tipitina.demon.co.uk
	* added Qt 3 beta6/KDE 3 alpha1 C bindings
2000-11-06  Simon Hausmann  <simon@kde.org>
	* added dcop c bindings