Changes for version 2.112 - 2019-12-13

  • Added the change log from any prior source that could be found. Formatted the log to fit loose standards.
  • Added .mailmap to correctly attribute all commits to Dianne Skoll when using: git shortlog -s -e
  • Added .gitattributes and .gitignore to assist with keeping the repo clean
  • Change use vars qw() to our $whatever instead. 'our'
  • Hide IO::WrapTie subclasses from PAUSE
  • Rebuild Makefile.PL to contain all of the prerequisites. Make use of the stub from Dist::Zilla
  • Convert README to
  • Fix the documentation in the main module, IO::Stringy to better indicate where to get info and how to use the module
  • Fix the dist's META information to indicate the original author and license
  • Add a LICENSE file
  • Get rid of the file as it's no longer needed
  • Add AppVeyor CI testing
  • Add Travis CI testing
  • update t/IO_InnerFile.t to use Test::More and a proper TEMP file (RT #103895)


write a file which is updated atomically
define a file inside another file
IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of lines
IO:: interface for reading/writing a scalar
IO:: interface for reading/writing an array of scalars
I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays
Wrap raw filehandles in the IO::Handle interface
wrap tieable objects in IO::Handle interface