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Changes for version 3.74 - 2020-08-30

  • Fix the order of date and version in this change log. (Thanks, haarg)
  • Convert to Dist::Zilla
  • Build all prereqs from our cpanfile
  • Go through all test files and:
    • perltidy
    • Use strict/warnings
    • Get rid of two-arg open
    • Get rid of BAREWORD filehandles
    • Fix the eval pattern used
    • Only use -w where we catch $SIG{__WARN__}
    • Fix encoding problems
    • use utf8 where we have unicode in the source
  • Fix a typo here and there
  • perltidy all of the example apps in eg/
  • Add comments explaining the apps in eg/ (GH#13 Thanks, Salvatore Bonaccorso)
  • Print out UTF-8 encoded data where sensible in eg/


HTML parser class
Encode or decode strings with HTML entities
Filter HTML text through the parser
Parse <HEAD> section of a HTML document
Extract links from an HTML document
Alternative HTML::Parser interface
Alternative HTML::Parser interface