Revision history File::Slurp

9999.22     2018-10-15
	- Update the SYNOPSIS documentation. (Graham Knop)
	- Fix some EUMM metadata depending on version. (Dan Book)
	- Fix Windows path concatenation on read_dir. (James Keenan)
	- Document each function with proper POD heads and re-order in alphabetical
	- Dump the POD to GH markdown for a
	- Remove the README file
	- Remove some work-arounds for older Perls < 5.6
	- Do not inherit from Exporter (requires Exporter 5.57)
	- Fix perms.t to run on all platforms (Aristotle Pagaltzis, Linda Walsh
	  via RT #92401)
	- Clean up handle.t (we no longer use the -w flag anywhere)

9999.21    2018-10-08
	- Unset $^W in a few strategic places to silence warnings when Test::Harness
	  or ExtUtils::MakeMaker turn them on. (Thanks, Graham Knop).
	- Got rid of a few MYMETA leftovers in the MANIFEST
	- Add Git repository info to the Makefile
	- Add a contributor's list for display on metacpan

9999.20_02     2018-10-04  (TRIAL)
	- Update TravisCI tests to show coverage.
	- Update all remaining test files
	- Get rid of assumption of . in @INC in tests
	- Remove t/
	- Add t/lib/
	- Make sure all tests use a properly acquired temp file
	- Clean up prereqs a bit further
	- Document all failure cases in the 01-error* tests.
	- Moved the CORE:: function overrides to their own test class to only be
	  included when overriding is necessary

9999.20_01     2018-09-27  (TRIAL)
	- Fixed spelling mistakes in POD (RT #85251)
	- Fixed a typo in an example (RTs #72116, #80279)
	- Remove doc mentions of Perl < 5.006 as that's required.
	- Fix POD coverage tests by adding a few more ignored functions
	- Added t/edit_file.t (James Keenan)
	- Move the POD tests to xt/author
	- Update t/append_null.t
	- Update t/binmode.t
	- Update t/data_list.t
	- Update t/data_scalar.t
	- Update t/error_mode.t
	- Update t/large.t
	- Update t/original.t
	- Update t/stringify.t
	- Added t/00-report-prereqs.t
	- Added more xt/author tests
	- Fix all trailing whitespace in accordance with xt/author/eol.t
	- Updated the Makefile.PL to get all of the prereqs in there.
	- Add CI testing via TravisCI and AppVeyor

9999.19	  Tue Jun  7 04:06:06 EDT 2011
	- Fixed use line in t/edit_file.t to import :edit first
	  Thanks to paul
	- read_file and write_file work even when interrupted by signals
	  this includes a test for read_file interrupt
	  Thanks to Andrew Danforth
	- Fixed bugs in the config synopsis example

9999.18	  Fri May 13 02:30:05 EDT 2011
	- Added :std and :edit export tags
	- Cleaned up EXPORT vars
	- Documented importing edit_file and edit_file_lines
	- Fixed some pod spelling

9999.17	  Wed Apr 27 02:20:03 EDT 2011
	- Requiring Perl 5.6.2 (first time older Perls were dropped)
		This is because of use of the re 'taint' pragma
	- Added major new features: edit_file and edit_file_lines
	- Speed up of tainted slurp with return of lines
	- Added chomp option to read_file
	- Added prefix option to read_dir
	- Fixed optimization of reading small files.

9999.16   Wed Apr 13 03:47:26 EDT 2011
	- Added support for read_file options to be a hash reference.
	- Added support for read_dir options to be a hash reference.
	- Added new feature prepend_file
	- Fixed bug with array_ref in list context. was introduced by .15/.14
		Thanks to Norbert Gruener
 	- Cleaned up some pod

9999.15   Thu Mar 24 16:40:19 EDT 2011
	- Fixed error.t test so it works when run as root
	- Removed skip lines from error.t
	- Fixed pod about binmode option to reflect changes in .14

9999.14	  Sun Mar 20 16:26:47 EDT 2011
	- Added LICENCE (same as perl) to POD
	- Added special faster code to slurp in small text files which
	  is a common case
	- Rewrote the extras/ script. It has a full
	  legend, better CLI options, size is selectable, benchmark
	  entries have more consistant names and it compares the new
	  fast slurp for small files to the general slurp code.
		Thanks to Mark Friendlich
	- Cleaned up pod
	- Added more Synopsis examples
	- Added t/error.t to actually test error conditions. Previous
	  error.t was renamed to error_mode.t which better reflects its
	- t/error.t uses a new test driver module. this may get used by
	  other tests in the future.
	- Fixed check for SEEK_SET and other constant subs being defined
	- Added support for binmode other than :raw and binmode.t test
		Thanks to Martin J. Evans, Peter Edwards, Bryce Nesbitt
	- Added support for perms option in write_file and perms.t test
		Thanks to Peter Corlett and Paul Miller
	- Added check to the rename call in atomic mode. Tested in error.t.
		Thanks to Daniel Scott Sterling
	- Added POD to state that using scalar_ref or buf_ref will be faster
	  and save memory due to not making a copy
		Thanks to Peter Edwards
	- read_file in list mode keeps data tainted
		Thanks to S´┐Żbastien Aperghis-Tramoni
	- read_file checks for an overloaded object to get the file
		Thanks to S´┐Żbastien Aperghis-Tramoni

9999.13   Tue Oct 10 02:04:51 EDT 2006
	- Refactored the extras/ script. It has options,
	  a key the benchmarks, help and more benchmarks.
	- Reordered changes so recent entries are first
	- Added error check on atomic rename and test for it
		Thanks to Daniel Scott Sterling

9999.12   Thu Feb  2 02:26:31 EST 2006
	- Fixed bug on windows with classic slurping and File::Slurp not
	  agreeing on newline conversion.
	- Added t/newline.t test to check for that fix.
	- When passing text data by scalar reference to write_file under
	  windows, the buffer is copied so the newline conversion won't
	  modify the caller's data.
	- Thanks to Johan Lodin <> for a test script which
	  I modified into t/newline.t

9999.11   Fri Jan 20 01:24:00 EDT 2005
	- Quick release to remove code that forced the faked SEEK_*
	  values to be used. Showed up when tested on OSX which doesn't
	  need that backport.

9999.10   Thu Jan 19 11:38:00 EDT 2005
	- t/*.t modules don't use
	- using POSIX qw( :fcntl_h ) instead of Fcntl qw( :seek ) for
	  backwards compatiblity to 5.00503
	- added conditional definitions of SEEK_* and O_* subs as they are not
	  defined in perl 5.004
	- File::Slurp now runs on perl 5.004 and newer (see BUGS section)
	  All of the above thanks to Smylers <>,
	  Piers Kent <> and
	  John Alden <>
	- Added pod.t and pod_coverage.t tests. This is to pass all
	  the CPANTS tests.

9999.09  Tue Apr 19 01:21:55 EDT 2005
	- t/original.t and read_dir.t no longer search for tempdirs. they just
	  use the current dir which should be in the build directory
	- t/readdir.t renamed to read_dir.t for consistancy
	- write_file return values are docuemented
	  Thanks to Adam Kennedy <>
	- added no_clobber option to write_file and t/no_clobber.t test for it
	  Thanks to <>
	- fixed bug when appending a null string to a file which then
	  truncates it. seems to be an odd way for linux and OS X to
	  handle O_APPEND mode on sysopen. they don't seek to the end of
	  the file so it gets truncated. fixed by adding a seek to the
	  end if in append mode.n
	  Thanks to Chris Dolan <>

9999.08  Sat Apr 16 01:01:27 EDT 2005
	- read_dir returns an array ref in scalar context
	- read_dir keeps . and .. if keep_dot_dot option is set.
	  Thanks to John Alden <>
	- slurp() is an optional exported alias to read_file
	  Thanks to Damian Conway <>

9999.07  Tue Jan 25 01:33:11 EST 2005
	- Slurping in pseudo files (as in /proc) which show a size of 0
	  but actually have data works. This seems to be the case on
	  linux but on Solaris those files show their proper size.
	  Thanks to Juerd Waalboer <>

9999.06  Mon Sep 20 01:57:00 EDT 2004
	- Slurping the DATA handle now works without the workaround.
	  tests are in t/data_scalar.t and t/data_list.t
        - Paragraph mode in read_file is supported. As with <> when $/
	  (input record separator) is set to '', then the input file is
	  split on multiple newlines (/\n\n+/).
	  Thanks to Geoffrey Leach <>

9999.05  Tue Feb 24 21:14:55 EST 2004
	- skip handle tests where socketpair is not supported (pre 5.8
	  on windows)
	  Thanks to Mike Arms <>

9999.04  Mon Feb 23 14:20:52 EST 2004
	- fixed DATA handle bug in t/handle.t (not seen on most OS's)
	  Thanks to James Willmore <>

9999.03  Mon Dec 22 01:44:43 EST 2003
	- fixed DATA handle bugs in t/handle.t on osx (should be fixed
	  on BSD as well)
	- added more comments to code

9999.02  Wed Dec 17 03:40:49 EST 2003
	- skip DATA test in handle.t on OSX (bug in perl with sysread on DATA)
	- changed checking if file handle from fileno to ref
		from Randal Schwartz <>
	- added support for atomic spewing
	- added new test stdin.t for the fileno/ref change
	- added new test inode.t to test atomic spewing

9999.01  Mon Sep  1 00:20:56 2003
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX -n File::FastSlurp