This is the README file for WWW::PkgFind, a tool for retrieving packages
(tarballs, patches, etc.) posted to web pages.  It is suitable for being
run as a cronjob to watch a website for new package releases, and
download the packages that match your acceptance criteria.

This was designed for use in an automated testing environment, where you
want to watch some open source project's websites for new releases of
tarballs, patches, etc. and automatically retrieve them and queue them
for processing.

For more information on how to use the script, see the
pod documentation via the command

  perldoc WWW::PkgFInd
  perldoc pkgfind

or, after installation, view the man pages with

  man WWW::PkgFind
  man pkgfind

For instructions on how to install the script, see the file INSTALL.

Problems, questions, etc. may be sent to

pkgfind is Copyright (c) 2006, by Bryce W. Harrington.
All rights reserved. You may distribute this code under the terms 
of either the GNU General Public License or the Artistic License, 
as specified in the Perl README file.