To install the script and man pages in the standard areas, 
give the sequence of commands

 $ perl Makefile.PL
 $ make
 $ make test
 $ make install      # you probably need to do this step as superuser

If you want to install the script in your own private space, use

 $ perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/home/joeuser \
        INSTALLMAN1DIR=/home/joeuser/man/man1 \
 $ make
 $ make test
 $ make install      # can do this step as joeuser

Note that `make test` does nothing interesting.


Under a user with sufficient permissions and from the program
distribution directory, execute

  perl Makefile.PL

if there isn't a file called Makefile.  Then execute

  make uninstall

This sometimes works, and sometimes it does not.  If it refuses to work,
you can simply remove all files by hand.  Look for the .packlist file
which perl created when installing the software and remove all files you
find in there.