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ur update classes-from-db - Update class definitions (and data dictionary cache) to reflect changes in the database schema.


This document describes ur update classes-from-db version 0.29.


ur update classes-from-db [--class-name=?] [--data-source=?] [--force-check-all-tables] [--force-rewrite-all-classes] [--table-name=?] [CLASSES-OR-MODULES]


class-name List

Update only the specified classes.

data-source List

Limit updates to these data sources

force-check-all-tables Boolean

By default we only look at tables with a new DDL time for changed database schema information. This explicitly (slowly) checks each table against our cache.

noforce-check-all-tables Boolean

Make force-check-all-tables 'false'

force-rewrite-all-classes Boolean

By default we only rewrite classes where there are database changes. Set this flag to rewrite all classes even where there are no schema changes.

noforce-rewrite-all-classes Boolean

Make force-rewrite-all-classes 'false'

table-name List

Update the specified table.




  Reads from the data sources in the current working directory's namespace,
  and updates the local class tree.
  This hits the data dictionary for the remote database, and gets changes there
  first.  Those changes are then used to mutate the class tree.
  If specific data sources are specified on the command-line, it will limit
  its database examination to just data in those data sources.  This command
  will, however, always load ALL classes in the namespace when doing this update,
  to find classes which currently reference the updated table, or are connected
  to its class indirectly.