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ur test run - Run the test suite against the source tree.


This document describes ur test run version 0.29.


ur test run [--color] [--junit] [--list] [--lsf] [--recurse] [--callcount] [--cover=?] [--cover-cvs-changes] [--cover-svk-changes] [--cover-svn-changes] [--coverage] [--inc=?[,?]] [--jobs=?] [--long] [--lsf-params=?] [--noisy] [--perl-opts=?] [--run-as-lsf-helper=?] [--script-opts=?] [--time=?] [BARE-ARGS]

cd MyNamespace ur test run --recurse # run all tests in the namespace ur test run # runs all tests in the t/ directory under pwd ur test run t/mytest1.t My/Class.t # run specific tests ur test run -v -t --cover-svk-changes # run tests to cover latest svk updates ur test run -I ../some/path/ # Adds ../some/path to perl's @INC through -I ur test run --junit # writes test output in junit's xml format (consumable by Hudson integration system)


color Boolean

Use TAP::Harness::Color to generate color output

Default value 'false' (--nocolor) if not specified

nocolor Boolean

Make color 'false'

junit Boolean

Run all tests with junit style XML output. (requires TAP::Formatter::JUnit)

nojunit Boolean

Make junit 'false'

list Boolean

List the tests, but do not actually run them.

nolist Boolean

Make list 'false'

lsf Boolean

If true, tests will be submitted as jobs via bsub

nolsf Boolean

Make lsf 'false'

recurse Boolean

Run all .t files in the current directory, and in recursive subdirectories.

norecurse Boolean

Make recurse 'false'


callcount Boolean

Count the number of calls to each subroutine/method

nocallcount Boolean

Make callcount 'false'

cover List

Cover only this(these) modules

cover-cvs-changes Boolean

Cover modules modified in cvs status

nocover-cvs-changes Boolean

Make cover-cvs-changes 'false'

cover-svk-changes Boolean

Cover modules modified in svk status

nocover-svk-changes Boolean

Make cover-svk-changes 'false'

cover-svn-changes Boolean

Cover modules modified in svn status

nocover-svn-changes Boolean

Make cover-svn-changes 'false'

coverage Boolean

Invoke Devel::Cover

nocoverage Boolean

Make coverage 'false'

inc String

Additional paths for @INC, alias for -I

jobs Number

How many tests to run in parallel

Default value '1' if not specified

long Boolean

Run tests including those flagged as long

nolong Boolean

Make long 'false'

lsf-params String

Params passed to bsub while submitting jobs to lsf

Default value '-q short -R select[type==LINUX64]' if not specified

noisy Boolean

doesn't redirect stdout

nonoisy Boolean

Make noisy 'false'

perl-opts String

Override options to the Perl interpreter when running the tests (-d:Profile, etc.)

Default value '' if not specified

run-as-lsf-helper String

Used internally by the test harness

script-opts String

Override options to the test case when running the tests (--dump-sql --no-commit)

Default value '' if not specified

time String

Write timelog sum to specified file




  This command is like "prove" or "make test", running the test suite for the current namespace.