=head1 NAME

ur update schema-diagram - Update an Umlet diagram based on the current schema

=head1 VERSION

This document describes ur update schema-diagram version 0.29.


ur update schema-diagram --file=? [--data-source=?] [--depth=?] [--show-columns] [INITIAL-NAME]



=item file  I<String>

Pathname of the Umlet (.uxf) file




=item data-source  I<String>

Which datasource to use

=item depth  I<Integer>

Max distance of related tables to include.  Default is 1.  0 means show only the named tables, -1 means to include everything

=item show-columns  I<Boolean>

Include column names in the diagram

Default value 'true' if not specified

=item noshow-columns  I<Boolean>

Make show-columns 'false'





  Creates a new Umlet diagram, or updates an existing diagram.  Bare arguments
  are taken as table names to include in the diagram.  Other tables may be
  included in the diagram based on their distance from the names tables
  and the --depth parameter.
  If an existing file is being updated, the position of existing elements 
  will not change.