=head1 NAME

ur test - tools for testing and debugging

=head1 VERSION

This document describes ur test version 0.29.


 callcount             ...                   Collect the data from a prior 'ur test run --callcount' run 
                                              into a single output file                                  
 compile               [CLASSES-OR-MODULES]  Attempts to compile each module in the namespace in its own 
 eval                  [BARE-ARGS]           Evaluate a string of Perl source                            
 run                   [--color] [--juni...  Run the test suite against the source tree.                 
 track-object-release  --file=?              Parse the data produced by UR_DEBUG_OBJECT_RELEASE and      
                                              report possible memory leaks                               
 use                   [--exec=?] [--sum...  Tests each module for compile errors by 'use'-ing it.  Also 
                                              reports on any libs added to @INC by any modules (bad!).   
 window                [SRC]                 repl tk window