=head1 NAME

ur test run - Run the test suite against the source tree.

=head1 VERSION

This document describes ur test run version 0.29.


ur test run [--color] [--junit] [--list] [--lsf] [--recurse] [--callcount] [--cover=?] [--cover-cvs-changes] [--cover-svk-changes] [--cover-svn-changes] [--coverage] [--inc=?[,?]] [--jobs=?] [--long] [--lsf-params=?] [--noisy] [--perl-opts=?] [--run-as-lsf-helper=?] [--script-opts=?] [--time=?] [BARE-ARGS]

cd MyNamespace
ur test run --recurse                   # run all tests in the namespace
ur test run                             # runs all tests in the t/ directory under pwd
ur test run t/mytest1.t My/Class.t      # run specific tests
ur test run -v -t --cover-svk-changes   # run tests to cover latest svk updates
ur test run -I ../some/path/            # Adds ../some/path to perl's @INC through -I
ur test run --junit                     # writes test output in junit's xml format (consumable by Hudson integration system)



=item color  I<Boolean>

Use TAP::Harness::Color to generate color output

Default value 'false' (--nocolor) if not specified

=item nocolor  I<Boolean>

Make color 'false'

=item junit  I<Boolean>

Run all tests with junit style XML output. (requires TAP::Formatter::JUnit)

=item nojunit  I<Boolean>

Make junit 'false'

=item list  I<Boolean>

List the tests, but do not actually run them.

=item nolist  I<Boolean>

Make list 'false'

=item lsf  I<Boolean>

If true, tests will be submitted as jobs via bsub

=item nolsf  I<Boolean>

Make lsf 'false'

=item recurse  I<Boolean>

Run all .t files in the current directory, and in recursive subdirectories.

=item norecurse  I<Boolean>

Make recurse 'false'




=item callcount  I<Boolean>

Count the number of calls to each subroutine/method

=item nocallcount  I<Boolean>

Make callcount 'false'

=item cover  I<List>

Cover only this(these) modules

=item cover-cvs-changes  I<Boolean>

Cover modules modified in cvs status

=item nocover-cvs-changes  I<Boolean>

Make cover-cvs-changes 'false'

=item cover-svk-changes  I<Boolean>

Cover modules modified in svk status

=item nocover-svk-changes  I<Boolean>

Make cover-svk-changes 'false'

=item cover-svn-changes  I<Boolean>

Cover modules modified in svn status

=item nocover-svn-changes  I<Boolean>

Make cover-svn-changes 'false'

=item coverage  I<Boolean>

Invoke Devel::Cover

=item nocoverage  I<Boolean>

Make coverage 'false'

=item inc  I<String>

Additional paths for @INC, alias for -I

=item jobs  I<Number>

How many tests to run in parallel

Default value '1' if not specified

=item long  I<Boolean>

Run tests including those flagged as long

=item nolong  I<Boolean>

Make long 'false'

=item lsf-params  I<String>

Params passed to bsub while submitting jobs to lsf

Default value '-q short -R select[type==LINUX64]' if not specified

=item noisy  I<Boolean>

doesn't redirect stdout

=item nonoisy  I<Boolean>

Make noisy 'false'

=item perl-opts  I<String>

Override options to the Perl interpreter when running the tests (-d:Profile, etc.)

Default value '' if not specified

=item run-as-lsf-helper  I<String>

Used internally by the test harness

=item script-opts  I<String>

Override options to the test case when running the tests (--dump-sql --no-commit)

Default value '' if not specified

=item time  I<String>

Write timelog sum to specified file





  This command is like "prove" or "make test", running the test suite for the current namespace.