=head1 NAME

ur define db - add a data source to the current namespace

=head1 VERSION

This document describes ur define db version 0.29.


ur define db URI NAME

ur define db dbi:SQLite:/some/file.db Db1

ur define db me@dbi:mysql:myserver MainDb

ur define db me@dbi:Oracle:someserver ProdDb
ur define db me@dbi:Oracle:someserver~schemaname BigDb 

ur define db me@dbi:Pg:prod  Db1
ur define db me@dbi:Pg:dev   Testing::Db1 # alternate for "Testing" (arbitrary) context
ur define db me@dbi:Pg:stage Staging::Db1 # alternate for "Staging" (arbitrary) context



=item URI  I<Text>

a DBI connect string like dbi:mysql:someserver or user/passwd@dbi:Oracle:someserver~defaultns

=item NAME  I<Text>

the name for this data source (used for class naming)

Default value 'Db1' if not specified



  add a data source to the current namespace