=head1 NAME

ur define datasource sqlite - Add a SQLite data source to the current namespace.

=head1 VERSION

This document describes ur define datasource sqlite version 0.29.


ur define datasource sqlite [--nosingleton] [--dsid=?] [--server=?] [DSNAME]

  cd Acme

  ur define datasource sqlite --dsname MyDB1 
  # writes Acme::DataSource::MyDB1 to work with Acme/DataSource/MyDB1.sqlite3
  ur define datasource sqlite --dsname MyDB2 --server /var/lib/acmeapp/mydb2.sqlite3
  # writes Acme::DataSource::MyDB2 to work with the specified sqlite file



=item nosingleton  I<Boolean>

Created data source should not inherit from UR::Singleton (defalt is that it will)

Default value 'false' (--nonosingleton) if not specified

=item nonosingleton  I<Boolean>

Make nosingleton 'false'




=item dsid  I<Text>

The full class name to give this data source.

=item server  I<String>

"server" attribute for this data source, such as a database name

=item DSNAME  I<Text>

The distinctive part of the class name for this data source.  Will be prefixed with the namespace then '::DataSource::'.



  Add a SQLite data source to the current namespace.