package MogileFS::Worker::Reaper;
# deletes files

use strict;
use base 'MogileFS::Worker';
use MogileFS::Util qw(every error debug);

sub new {
    my ($class, $psock) = @_;
    my $self = fields::new($class);

    return $self;

my %all_empty;  # devid -> bool, if all empty of files in file_on

sub work {
    my $self = shift;

    every(5, sub {

        # get db and note we're starting a run
        debug("Reaper running; looking for dead devices");

        foreach my $dev (grep { $_->dstate->is_perm_dead }
            my $devid = $dev->id;
            next if $all_empty{$devid};

            my @fids = $dev->fid_list(limit => 1000);
            unless (@fids) {
                $all_empty{$devid} = 1;

            foreach my $fid (@fids) {
                # order is important here:

                # first, add fid to file_to_replicate table.  it
                # shouldn't matter if the replicator gets to this
                # before the subsequent 'forget_about' method, as the
                # replicator will treat dead file_on devices as
                # non-existent anyway.  however, it is important that
                # we enqueue it for replication first, before we
                # forget about that file_on row, otherwise a failure
                # after/during 'forget_about' could leave a stranded
                # file on a dead device and we'd never fix it.
                # and just for extra safety, in case replication happened
                # on another machine after 'enqueue_for_replication' but
                # before 'forget_about', and that other machine hadn't yet
                # re-read the device table to learn that this device
                # was dead, we delay the replication for the amount of time
                # that the device summary table is valid for (presumably
                # the other trackers are running identical software, or
                # at least have the same timeout value)

                $fid->enqueue_for_replication(in => DEVICE_SUMMARY_CACHE_TIMEOUT + 1);


# Local Variables:
# mode: perl
# c-basic-indent: 4
# indent-tabs-mode: nil
# End: