1.58      2023-08-12 10:59:05-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
	* Consorsbank.pm - New module - PR #329
	* Stooq.pm - New module - Issue #203
	* Bloomberg.pm - Changed modules to utilize cookie jar - PR #331 - Issue #324
	* AlphaVantage.pm - Apply currency scaling (GBp -> GBP) when symbol
	  had additional ".X" suffix - Issue #281
	  Fixed check for "Information" JSON usually returned when daily API
	  limit has been reached.
	* YahooWeb.pm - Fixed incorrect pricing for single character symbols
	  and changed URL to get trade date - Issues #314 #319
	* Another fix to the URL in YahooJSON and CurrencyRates/YahooJSON - Issue #318

1.57      2023-07-01 12:37:07-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
	* Correct set exchange in YahooJSON.pm - Issue #306
	* Added close, change and p_change to Tradegate, XETRA and Sinvestor
	  Added optional parameter INST_ID to specify the institute id.
	  Fixed bug in Tradegate, XETRA and Sinvestor for numbers equal or higher than 1.000 - PR #304
	* Added GoogleWeb Module
	* YahooWeb module added - PR #296
	* Added MarketWatch Module
	* Replaced cached file with IO::String object in IndiaMutual.pm
	* Fixed missing date in AEX.pm - Issue #298
	* Fixed Examples in POD Documentation in a few modules - PR #295
	* move use strict to be the first statement in TreasuryDirect.pm and TwelveData.pm #290
	* remove old perl version requirement statements from TreasuryDirect.pm and TwelveData.pm #290
	* removed Data::Dumper that caused another test to fail from TreasuryDirect.pm #290
        * Fixed Fool.pm and fool.t - PR #289

1.56      2023-05-29 14:56:23-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
	* Replaced Tradeville.pm with BVB.pm - Issue #269
	* Added new TwelveData module
	* Updated YahooJSON.pm and CurrencyRates/YahooJSON.pm to use https://query2.finance.yahoo.com/v11 - PR #284
	* Bourso.pm - Squash anything but numbers and period in quote values.
	* Renamed MStarUK.pm to MorningstarUK.pm
	* Added get_features method - PR #260

1.55      2023-05-13 12:22:00-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
	* Added YahooJSON currency rate module PR #270
	* Added TRV => CAD in AlphaVantage.pm. Issue #265 - PR #267
	* Quick fix for YahooJSON.pm API
	* URL Change for MorningstarJP. Issue #261
	* Regex fix in FTfunds.pm and changed test cases ftfunds.t. PR #262

1.54      2022-12-26 15:25:02-08:00 America/Los_Angeles
	* Fix to AEX.pm - Issue #235 - PR #244
	* New modules Sinvestor.pm Tradegate.pm and XETRA.pm PR #243
	* Updates to TMX.pm (Toronto Stock Exchange) PR #248 and #253
	* Reverted API change (PR #230) in
	  CurrencyRates/AlphaVantage.pm PR #249
	* Fix to Fondsweb.pm PR #250

1.53      2022-10-08 18:11:07-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
	* dist.ini - changed bugtracker.web to
	* DWS.pm - Set $info{$symbol, 'symbol'} to $symbol.
	* Union.pm - #231 - reworked for a different CSV file.
        * CurrencyRates/AlphaVantage.pm - API CURRENCY_EXCHANGE_RATE
          no longer accepts free API keys. Changed to use FX_DAILY API. 
          Issue #229 PR #230
        * Set minimum version for LWP::UserAgent in dist.ini to
          honor redirects.
        * CurrencyRates/AlphaVantage.pm - Added logic to account
          for empty JSON returned from currency exchange fetch.
        * Bourso.pm - Added Europe and France back as failover
          methods. These were removed some time ago in commit e26484b.
        * Tradeville.pm - Changed hostname in URL to tradeville.ro.
          Added logic to better account for the symbol not being
        * YahooJSON.pm - #202 - Account for symbols with '&'.
        * Minor change to isoTime function in Quote.pm.
        * Updated TSP.pm - PR #227 - update URL and handling of dates.

1.52      2022-07-03 15:15:38-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
        * Quote.pm - Fixed logic for FQ_LOAD_QUOTELET starting with "-defaults"
          reported in issue #197. PR #199.
        * AlphaVantage currency module: Don't recurse infinitely when exchange
          rate is less than .001 (PR 193)
        * Bourso.pm - Fixed data bug reported in issue #174 with PR #194.
        * TSP.pm - Minor fix for URL used to retrieve data. PR #195.
          Note: URL was changed after the PR was merged.
          Module remains in a non-working status.
        * TesouroDireto.pm - New module for Brazilian's National Treasury
          public bounds. PR #198.
        * Bloomberg.pm - Update Bloomberg class names #205. Correct html
          parsing errors.
        * MorningstarCH.pm - Re-enabled and fixed in #207.
        * ZA.pm - Change to return price from sharenet in major denomination.
          PR #208.
        * Changes to SourceForge project website HTML files.
        * Add [Prereqs] to dist.ini. #215

1.51      2021-07-04 14:41:59-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
        * Fix bugs in t/fq-object-methods.t
        * Add code to hide warning in t/currency_lookup.t

1.50      2021-06-26 20:52:16-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
        * New modules: CurrencyRates
        * Updated modules: ASX, TIAA-CREF, Fool, Currencies
        * Corrected some POD issues (thanks to the Debian Perl Group)

1.49      2019-06-30 12:20:58+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Alphavantage: Removed Time::HiRes dependency due to mswin32
          not supporting clock_gettime calls.

1.48      2019-06-30 01:19:14+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Alphavantage: Add a waiting mechanism to comply to
          alphavantage use terms
        * Alphavantage: Added several stock exchange support and
        * Updated modules: Union, Deka, Indiamutual, ASX, Yahoojson,
          TSP, AEX, Fool
        * New modules: IEXTrading, MorningstarAU, MorningstarCH,
        * Yahoo: removed modules referring to yahoo API, which yahoo
        * BUGFIX: 'use of uninitialized value' returned by perl could
          make gnucash fail when more than 15 quotes where requested
        * BUGFIX: MS Windows does not support %T in strftime call
        * Added new documentation files: Release.txt, Hackers-Guide,
        * We started moving known failing tests into TODO blocks
        * This release is the result of hard work by Bruce Schuck,
          Vincent Lucarelli, Pieter-Jan Vandormael, Manuel Friedli,
          Jalon Avens, Chris Good, Mark J. Cox, Eelco Dolstra, Henrik
          Ahlgren, Vinay Shastry, Mike Alexander, Erik Colson.
        * Special thanks go to Bruce Schuck and Vincent Lucarelli
          which joined the maintainers team!

1.47      2017-11-12 17:19:42+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Use AlphaVantage for currency quotes instead of Yahoo (Mike Alexander)

1.46      2017-11-12 17:13:15+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Drop long-obsolete debian directory (Florian Schlichting)
        * AlphaVantage:
          - added support for .IL => USD currency and division (Adriano Baldi)
          - graceful error catchup (Mike Alexander)
        * Yahoojson:
          - module adapted to new URL and returned json (Rafael Casali)

1.45      2017-11-08 21:35:51+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * alphavantage
          * more suffix - currency pairs added
          * GBP and GBX divided by 100

1.44      2017-11-07 21:57:57+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Added currencies for .SA (Brazil) and .TO (Canada/Toronto) markets
        * Setup a pause of .7s between queries in AlphaVantage.pm to limit queries

1.43      2017-11-06 23:41:47+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Added currency for .DE market
        * BUGFIX in currency determination regex

1.42      2017-11-06 19:04:25+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * more tests in alphavantage.t
        * BUG resolved: removed time from $last_refresh when markets are open

1.41      2017-11-06 16:06:41+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * return symbol for AlphaVantage data

        * added AlphaVantage module (Matthew Patterson)
        * some other module changes: yahoojson, Morningstar, Bourso, TSX (not working)

1.38      2015-08-22 13:22:56+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * module updates: tiaacref, yahooJSON, FTfunds, MStaruk, USFedBonds, GoldMoney
        * new modules: fidelityfixed (Peter Ratzlaff), yahooYQL
        * removed modules: MTGox
        * more tests: yahoo_speed.t, tiaacref.t

1.37      2015-02-01 20:24:32+01:00 Europe/Brussels
        * modified 00-use.t to show more info
        * Remove Crypt::SSLeay dependency in favor of LWP::Protocol::https (Geert Janssens)
        * Updated HU.pm and test file to current website (Kristof Marussy)

1.36      2015-01-31
        * MorningstarJP : changed dependency from Date::Calc to DateTime

1.35      2014-06-17 08:06:14+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * BUGFIX: VWD - currency returned.

1.34      2014-06-15 21:30:03+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * VWD adapted to recent website change.

1.33      2014-06-01 11:24:24+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * BUGFIX: yahoo_json never returns currency. so don't set a default.
                  yahoo_json returned current timestamp instead of quote date.

1.32      2014-05-18 21:55:12+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * return "symbol" for yahoo_json module
        * allow to retrieve ISIN codes with VWD module

1.31      2014-05-04 22:56:45+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Case mismatch in ZA_UnitTrusts pod

1.30      2014-05-04 21:56:34+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * Bourso.pm works on current website changes. Thanks to Guillaume
        * New module CSE.pm by Hiranya Samarasekera. Covers Colombo Stock
          Exchange (CSE) in Sri Lanka.

1.29      2014-04-08 08:28:25+02:00 Europe/Brussels
        * New module za_unittrusts. kudos to Rolf Endres.
	* Indiamutual patched to current website. kudos to Vinay S Shastry.

1.28      2014-03-16 12:05:19+01:00 Europe/Brussels

        * Removed some unnecessary dependencies

1.27      2014-03-05 15:04:22+01:00 Europe/Brussels

        * New module YahooJSON added (Abhijit Kshirsagar)
        * mtgox.t should not create errors when ONLINE_TEST is not defined

1.26      2014-03-03 22:24:58+01:00 Europe/Brussels

        * VWD adapted to current website (skaringa)
        * Boursorama module mostly fixed (Arnaud Gardelein)

1.25      2014-03-02 23:18:23+01:00 Europe/Brussels

        * AEX.pm : Some checking added. Not working yet
        * Quote.pm : readded sub parse_csv_semicolon.

1.24      2014-03-02 21:39:00+01:00 Europe/Brussels

        * Added module Citywire.pm written by Martin Sadler
        * Added module FTfunds.pm written by Martin Sadler
        * Added module MStaruk.pm written by Martin Sadler
        * Added module TNetuk.pm written by Martin Sadler
        * Data::Dumper is no more required to build

1.23_02   2014-03-02 14:46:41+01:00 Europe/Brussels (TRIAL RELEASE)


1.22      2014-03-02 10:38:18+01:00 Europe/Brussels (TRIAL RELEASE)


1.21      2014-03-02 09:56:38+01:00 Europe/Brussels (TRIAL RELEASE)

        * ASX.pm now supports querying more than 10 symbols (goodvibes2)
        * Travis config added for automated test build
        * BUILD: Updated to use Dist::Zilla

2014-02-17  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* INSTALLATION FIX: Install Date::Calc as dependency

2014-02-16  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* MtGox support added by Sam Morris
	* MorningstarJP support added by Christopher Hill
	* Yahoo modules changed due to site change

2010-02-16  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* TSP.pm updated. Patch from Kevin Ryde.
	* YAHOO/Base.pm added conversion from 'B' billions to
	                numbers. Patch from Kevin Ryde.
	* Billions support moved to Quote.pm

2009-10-05  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* Lots of tests added

2009-10-04  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* IndiaMutual.t tests added
	* Yahoo_europe: Bug 44245 solved. Wrong fields returned.
	* Documentation: Bug 48818 corrected.

2009-10-03  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* yahoo_europe.t tests corrected

2009-09-30  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* Bourso.t tests corrected

2009-09-29  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* AEX.pm removed code for options and futures. (didn't work)

2009-07-19  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* Bug in Yahoo::Base corrected. Sometimes year range is wrongly returned.

2009-07-19  Giles Robertson

	* Bug in Yahoo::Base corrected. GBp wrongly interpreted.

2009-07-19  Stephan Ebelt

	* Goldmoney.pm patched. support for platinum added.

2009-07-18  Zoltan Levardy <zoltan@levardy.org>

	* New module HU.pm (Hungarian stocks)

2009-06-14  Divakar Ramachandran

	* Bug RT 46155 solved by modifying link in IndiaMutual.pm

2009-06-14  Stephan Ebelt

	* Cominvest URL modified

2009-06-14  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* currencies adapted to yahoo denomination

2009-06-13  Sattvik

	* currency retrieval updated (yahoo website changed)

2009-04-27  Bradley Dean <bjdean@bjdean.id.au>

	* ASX.pm updated due to website change

2009-04-13  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* Release 1.16

2009-04-12  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* BUGFIX: Bourso.pm allmost completely rewritten due to website change.
	* BUGFIX: Morningstar.pm patched by Fredrik Persson.
	* BUGFIX: AEX.pm patched by Herman van Rink.

2009-03-19  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* BUGFIX: 12:XXpm formatted time handling.

2009-03-04  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>


2009-03-02  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* BUGFIX: ZA.pm patched.

2009-03-01  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* BUGFIX: Stephen Ebelt patch applied for goldmoney.pm
	* BUGFIX: Encoding problem solved by Ashwin

2009-02-16  Bradley Dean <bjdean@bjdean.id.au>

	* NEW: Function fetch_live_currencies.

2009-02-15  Bradley Dean <bjdean@bjdean.id.au>

	* NEW: Module Finance::Quote::Currencies created for use in

2008-12-05  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* Finanzpartner module adapted to site updated. By Jan Wilamowius.
	* Morningstar patched by Fredrik Persson.

2008-11-09  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* Bourso.pm updated due to website update. By Bernard Fuentes

2008-10-26  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* BUG correction : IndiaMutual.pm: symbol not set it module.
	* Release 1.15

2008-10-21  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * BUG correction : function isoTime - make sure $hours and $mins are treated as numbers
        * use sprintf in isoTime

2008-10-15  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * Release 1.14

2008-10-13  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * Finanzpartner.pm added by Jan Willamowius

2008-10-12  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * isoTime function added
        * added quote.t
        * yahoo time is now format using isoTime

2008-10-11  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * added prerequisite for HTML::TreeBuilder
        * union.t from todo

2008-10-10  Paul Fenwick <pjf@cpan.org>
        * TEST: Ensure Data::Dumper is not accidently left in
          F::Q code.

2008-10-07  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * Root README added
        * BUGFIX: asx.t

2008-10-05  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * Added Cominvest module from Stephan Ebelt

2008-10-04  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * Failing tests moved to todo-state for trustnet, usfedbonds,
          bourso, deka, union
        * BUGFIX: currency.t
        * BUGFIX: lerevenu.t - index ID corrected

2008-10-02  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

        * Failing tests moved to todo-state for ftportfolios, aiahk, nzx,

2008-09-30  Paul Fenwick <pjf@cpan.org>

        * BUGFIX: Applied patch from Bill Carlson to fix Tiaacref.pm.
          Thanks Bill, you rock!

2008-09-28  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* StockHouseCanada.pm updated to new site layout

	* DWS.pm updated

2008-09-27  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* VWD.pm updated to new site layout

	* TSX.pm added

2008-09-27  Paul Fenwick  <pjf@cpan.org>

        * DOCUMENTATION: Fixed malformed formatting in authors
          email addresses in Fiannce/Quote.pm.

2008-09-26  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* AEX.pm updated to new site layout (comma used in numbers)

2008-09-22  Paul Fenwick  <pjf@cpan.org>

        * BUILD: Module::Install 0.77 is now used for building
        and installation.  (PJF)

        * TESTING: Finance::Quote's test system has been restructured.
        Tests are now run during installation, but online and author
        tests are skipped by default.  (PJF)

2008-09-21  Erik Colson <eco@ecocode.net>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Brasil.pm: Enable semicolon.

2007-05-13  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/SEB.pm: Patch from Henrik Riomar <henrik.riomar at
	gmail.com> to fix a problem finding quotes for funds with the Swedish
	chars åäö in the name.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/IndiaMutual.pm: Patch from Devendra Gera <gera0ul
	at yahoo.com> to remove white space when splitting the results in the
	AMFI data file.

2007-01-07  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_13

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Update version to 1.13.

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Update the store_date() function for the
	case when the year isn't explicitly stated.  If the specified
	month would put the quote in the future, then consider this a
	quite from last year.  manly intended to handle the rollover from
	December to January on web sites that don't specify the year.
	Suggestion from Christian Lupien.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/BMONesbittBurns.pm: Enhance module to support
	mutual fund quotes (which have less data than stock quotes).
	Correct date format parsing.  Fix from Christian Lupien <lupien at

	* lib/Finance/Quote/StockHouseCanada.pm: The fund name seems to be
	a moving target. Search all tables of depth one looking for it.

2007-01-01  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/FTPortfolios.pm: Rewrite this module for the
	new web site design.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/TSP.pm: Strip spaces around the dollar values.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/FinanceCanada.pm: Rewrite this module for the
	new web site design.

	* test/*.t: Some restructuring of tests.  Add a couple more tests
	on dates.  Replace a couple of test stocks that are no longer

	* test/*.t: Accept last year as a valid date.  Comes in hand when
	testing modules at the start of the new year.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ZA.pm: Update for changes in the display of
	the web site.

2006-12-31  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/StockHouseCanada.pm:
	* test/stockhousecanada.t: New module for getting Canadian Mutual
	fund quotes from Chris Carton <ctcarton@gmail.com>.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Deka.pm: Update for changes in the display
	of the web site.  Now uses an https url.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/LeRevenu.pm: Updates from Dominique Corbex for
	changes in the display of the web site.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Trustnet.pm: Update for changes in the display
	of the web site.

2006-09-11  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* Move AIA.pm to AIAHK.pm since AIA has sites in multiple

2006-09-10  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/AIA.pm:
	* test/aia.pm: New module to access American International
	Assurance fund information.  Based on perl script from Wouter van
	Marle <wouter@squirrel-systems.com>.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Bourso.pm: Update the URL to track changes on
	the web site.

2006-07-10  David Hampton  <hampton@cisco.com>

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Update version to 1.12.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_12

2006-06-27  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* Makefile.PL: State the dependency on Crypt::SSLeay that several
	modules now have.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Base.pm: Don't set fields that are
	defined but are empty..

	* test/yahoo_brasil.t: Update the test module to have more cases
	and use better stocks.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Brasil.pm: Update for the change of the
	data separator from a semicolon to a comma.

	* test/financecanada.t:
	* test/hex.t: Add new test cases to cover the last untested
	modules. All modules are now tested.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/FinanceCanada.pm: Don't set the success flag
	if the lookup failed.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Platinum.pm: Use the new url of the pricing

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ManInvestments.pm: Update for the new table
	format on the web site.

	* test/indiamutual.t:
	* test/aex.t: Update the test cases to use currently listed funds.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ManInvestments.pm: The url for updating
	quotes has changed, as has the table header.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Bourso.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/LeRevenu.pm:
	* test/bourso.t:
	* test/lerevenu.t: Updated modules from Dominique Corbex
	<domcox@sourceforge.net>. The name field now returns the real name
	and not ticker symbols, and other small fixes.

2006-04-08  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Trustnet.pm: Work around the fact that gnucash
	escapes the ampersand character when passing stock names to F::Q.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/DWS.pm: Updated module from Klaus Dahlke
	<klaus.dahlke@gmx.de> to retrieve quotes from the new DWS web

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Tiaacref.pm: Explicitly state in the code that
	this module requires ssl support (it uses an https:// url).  This
	prevents perl from trying to run the code when ssl support isn't

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/HEX.pm:
	* test/hex.t: New module from Mika Laari
	<mikalaari@users.sourceforge.net> to fetch quote information from
	the Helsinki stock exchange.

	* Documentation/Hackers-Guide: Add a section on the q->store_date()
	function.  All modules should use this function to set the 'date'
	and 'isodate' fields based on the retrieved textual date (or lack

	* test/lerevenu.t: Test the right module.

2006-04-07  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/LeRevenu.pm:
	* test/lefrevenu.t: New module from Dominique Corbex
	<domcox@sourceforge.net> to fetch information from the
	LeRevenu.com site in France.

	* t/yahoo_europe.t: New test cases for non-GBP London exchange
	stocks.  Use new stock for test of the XETRA exchange.  (Can't
	find a non-Euro stock there, so remove those tests.)

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Base.pm: Patch from p1n0@sourceforge.net
	to only divide London exchange values by 100 if they are
	denominated in pence.

2006-04-06  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Bourso.pm:
	* test/bourso.t: New module from Dominique Corbex
	<domcox@sourceforge.net> to fetch information from the "Paris
	Stock Exchange", http://www.boursorama.com.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Updated module from Jörg Sommer that
	is more tolerant of the advertising added to the web page.

2006-01-11  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_11
	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Updated $VERSION to 1.01

2006-01-10  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* test/dws.t:
	* test/maninvestments.t:
	* test/yahoo_brasil.t: Accept dates in both the previous and
	current year as valid responses.

	* test/aex.t: Change test currency to one still on the exchange.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Jörg Sommer's patch to work better
	with invalid WKNs and to extract the exchange information from its
	new location.

2005-11-18  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/AEX.pm: Use the store_date function.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ASX.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Cdnfundlibrary.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Platinum.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Trustnet.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Base.pm: Add code to protect against
	empty tables, data fields, etc.

	* test/aex.t: Correct the number of test cases.  Changed test
	stock to one that is still on the exchange.  Site no longer
	provides time (date only) so remove tests for time of quote.
	Futures quotes don't always have bid/ask values so comment out
	those tests.

	* test/indiamutual.t:
	* test/trustnet.t:
	* test/union.t:
	* test/yahoo.t: Changed test stock to one that is still on the

	* test/yahoo_brasil.t: All returned prices (for all stocks I
	tried) return a price of zero, so comment out the test for

2005-10-23  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Put back the call to the
	HTML::TableExtract first_table_state_found() function for now.  At
	some point this should be removed and the 2.0 version of
	HTML::TableExtract required.

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Make note of an alternate yahoo URL that
	can be used to obtain currency quotes. From Gerry Barksdale <gbark
	at barksys.com>.

2005-10-22  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Tiaacref.pm:
	* test/tiaacref.t: Add Support for TIAA-CREF mutual funds from
	Brandon <brandon2 at users.sourceforge.net>.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Remove the thousands separator
	character from quote values.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/TSP.pm:
	* test/tsp.t: Frank Mori Hess's <fmhess at speakeasy.net> change
	to add support for the TSP lifecycle L funds.

	* ChangeLog: Archive pre-2005 data into a separate file.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Deka.pm: Add a new module to retrieve German
	investment fund prices from Deka.  Module from Knut Franke
	<Knut.Franke at gmx.de>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/USFedBonds.pm:
	* test/usfedbonds.t: Add a new US Federal Bonds stock quote module
	from Stephen Langenhoven <langenhoven at users.sourceforge.net>.

2005-10-21  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Updated to work with new Yahoo currency
	conversion pages.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Tiaacref.pm: New URL from Kevin Foss.  Uses
	https, so the Crypt::SSLeay module is now required for TIAA-CREF

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ZI.pm: Zürich Invest has been purchased by
	Deutsche Bank and integrated into DWS.  The DWS.pm module should
	now be used in place of the ZI.pm module.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Patch from Rainer Dorsch to return the
	current price as 'last'.  The HTML::TableExtract
	first_table_state_found() function has been deprecated.  Accept
	both the old and new values as correct answers.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ZA.pm:
	* test/za.t: Add a new South African stock quote module from
	Stephen Langenhoven <langenhoven at users.sourceforge.net>.

2005-08-10  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Handle invalid ISINs better. VWD
	delivers a 404 error instead of a blank page.  Fix suggested by
	Uwe Simon <uwe.simon.koeln at t-online dot de>

2005-07-04  Paul Fenwick  <pjf@cpan.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Bumped $VERSION to 1.10, primarily
	  to work around a problem with CPAN distributions.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_10

2005-06-29  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Updated module from Jörg Sommer

	* lib/Finance/Quote/cdnfundlibrary.pm: Changes inspired by
	kalaleq@users.sourceforge.net allow retrieval of more data.

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/NZ.pm: New module from Stephen Judd

	* lib/Finance/Quote/NZX.pm: Tweak to allow both NZX and Yahoo:NZ
	to get quotes for New Zealand Stocks (use method nz).

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_09

2005-05-30  Paul Fenwick  <pjf@cpan.org>

	* MANIFEST: Updated with files intended for distribution.

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Updated $VERSION to 1.09

	* CVSTAG: Updated finance_quote_1_09 tag on MANIFEST and

	* Released updated version 1.09 with new MANIFEST and Quote.pm
	  to Sourceforge.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/VWD.pm: Re-enabled $VERSION and bumped
	  to 1.01 to allow correct indexing on CPAN, however the
	  older version currently remains in the 1.09 release.

2005-05-04  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/FTPortfolios.pm: Update for changes in the

	* t/ftportfolios.t: New test module.

	* TSP.pm: Replace core parsing with tighter code.  Support the
	symbols used by both Frank Mori Hess' and Trent Piepho's TSP
	modules.  Make the symbols case insensitive.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Cdnfundlibrary.pm: Find table by headers
	instead of by index.

	* test/asegr.t: New module
	* lib/Finance/Quote/ASEGR.pm: New module

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ASX.pm: Skip any blank lines in the table.
	Pass an extra parameter to TableExtract to keep it from doing
	unnecessary work that produces warnings.

2005-03-19  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Trustnet.pm: Encode the '&' character before
	calling the user agent GET function.  Fixes bug 747080.

2005-03-19  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* almost all files: Collapsed all date parsing code into a single
	function.  This function handles the date formats provided by all
	current quote sources and converts them all into the F::Q standard
	of a US date format.  It also adds an ISO format date to all
	quotes in the new isodate field.  Added lots of test functions to
	check date formats.

2005-03-19  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/AEX.pm: Spelling correcting from Frank Mori

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: Documentation correction from Trent

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Base.pm (yahoo_request): Fix an
	undefined reference when Yahoo ocassionally returns an empty

2005-03-01  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote.pm: New modules.  New function to parse files
	separated by semicolons instead of commas.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/AEX.pm: Worked over modules from Johan van
	Oostrum.  Most of the old AEX data has migrated elsewhere.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ASX.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Trustnet.pm: Got the modules working again.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/ManInvestments.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Platinum.pm: New modules for Australian
	investment price sources from Ian Dall <iandall at

	* lib/Finance/Quote/NZX.pm: New modules for fetching quotes the
	from the New Zealand stock exchange. Provided by Michael Curtis.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/SEB.pm: New modules for fetching quotes from
	the Swedish Bank.  Submitted by Tomas Carlsson.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/TSP.pm: New modules for fetching quotes from
	the US Govt. Thrift Service Plan.  Submitted by Frank Mori Hess.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Base.pm: Corrected currency tags for Vienna and Valence.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Brasil.pm: Add new Yahoo Brasil module
	from Ismael Orenstein <perdig at users.sourceforge.net>.

	* t/*: Various new test modules.

2005-02-09  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Fidelity.pm:
	* lib/Finance/Quote/Union.pm: Got the modules working again.

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Yahoo/Base.pm: Extract the currency directly
	from Yahoo, instead of looking it up in an exchange/currency
	mapping table.

	* t/*: Various new test and updated modules.

2005-02-06  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/BMONesbittBurns.pm: Got the modules working again.

2005-01-14  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* lib/Finance/Quote/Cdnfundlibrary.pm: Got the module working again.

2004-07-02	Paul Fenwick <pjf@cpan.org>

	* Added Finance/Quote/Tdefunds.pm thanks to David Grant.

	* Added t/tdefunds.t basic regression test (3 tests).

	* Fixed bug #916966, TASE prices were 100 times their true
	  price.  Thanks to Eldad Zack for the patch.

2004-02-08  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* Yahoo/Base.pm: Added suffixes for the Brussels and Dublin

2003-09-20	Pawel Konieczny <konieczp@users.sourceforge.net>
	* AEX module: major update: fetching of futures quotes
	implemented.  POD and test script updated as well.

2003-09-15	Pawel Konieczny <konieczp@users.sourceforge.net>
	* AEX module: major update: additional labels for options available:
	volume, oi, and other. Subframes cache implemented, resulting in 
	substantial speedup for repeating (intraday) requests of individual 

2003-09-12  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* Yahoo/Base.pm: Added suffixes for 1) the US Options, 2) US
	exchanges when using a non-US Yahoo site, and 3) the Zurich

2003-08-31  David Hampton  <hampton@employees.org>

	* Yahoo/Base.pm: Added entry for the Lisbon Portugal stock

2003-08-31	Pawel Konieczny <konieczp@users.sourceforge.net>
	* AEX module: major update: fetching of stock and index options
	implemented.  POD and test script updated as well.

2003-08-27	Pawel Konieczny	<konieczp@users.sourceforge.net>
	* AEX module: following a suffestion of Paul Fenwick, value
	'undef' is returned if no valid data could be dowloaded
	(previously it was returning empty strings in such cases).

2003-07-07	Pawel Konieczny	<konieczp@users.sourceforge.net>
	* AEX module: added label 'symbol'

2003-07-06	Pawel Konieczny	<konieczp@users.sourceforge.net>
	* Update of F::Q::AEX module: added a remap functionality 
	  which translates the official stock ticker to AEX CGI 

	* Update of F::Q::AEX module: Distiguishing indices and stocks:
	  indices will have "currency" label undefined, stocks will have
	  value "EUR".  This fixes the currency conversion problem for

	* Update of F::Q::AEX module: Cleanup of labels: "offer" renamed to
	  "ask" ("ask" is more common, besides, it can be
	  currency-converted). Label "offer" stays for backward

	* Update of F::Q::AEX module: Cleanup of garbage in some fields.
	  (Ocassionally, the http fetch & parse will return garbage for
	  some values).

2003-07-04	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Fixed currency conversion problems. (#232075)

	* Fixed ASX problems whereby quotes were not being obtained.
	  Thanks to Rik Harris for bringing this issue to light,
	  and providing a correct URL.  (#653025)

	* Fixed problem where no symbol tag was being defined in ASX.
	  Thanks again to Rik Harris.  (#653035)

	* Fixed problem where undefined currencies would be returned
	  as zero, and not undefined as occured in previous versions.

	* Fixed tests in currency.t which assumed that conversion
	  could be done between EUR and former European currencies.
	  These are no longer supported due to a change in the
	  lookups provided by Yahoo.

	* Updated Fidelity.pm to indicate its current non-working status.

	* Added T. Rowe Price patches by David Hampton, which provide
	  a troweprice_direct method.  (#666351)

	* As above, for the Fidelity module.  (#666353)

	* Accepted David Hampton's patch to Yahoo currencies.
	  The correct currency will now be flagged on stocks regardless
	  of the module used to grab them. (#666361)

	* Added Keith Refson's module to obtain quotes from
	  First Trust Portfolios L.P.  Thanks to David Hampton
	  (again!) for supplying this. (#670202)

	* Added Ganesan Rajagopal's excellent IndiaMutal module.

	* Fixed Cdnfundlibrary to correctly set the success flag
	  when successful.  Thanks to Robert Clark for finding
	  this bug.  (#752395)

	* Updated Tdwaterhouse.pm with Robert Clark's changes to
	  work with the new TD Waterhouse website.  Many thanks
	  to Robert Clark again. (#750843)

	* Added the BM Nesbitt Burns module provided by Robert
	  Clark, including test cases.  (#752423).

	* Updated BMONesbittBurns module to provide better date
	  handling, screening out of high-ascii characters from
	  fields, and removal of spurious debug output.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_08

2003-02-04	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Fixed VWD problem whereby no symbol was being returned.
	  Many thanks to Joachim Breitner for this fix.  (#600698)

	* Updated TrustNet documentation, thanks to David Hampton.

2002-06-25	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added ZI.pm and Union.pm modules.  Thanks to Rainer Dorsch
	  for providing these.

2002-04-18	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Patched Quote.pm after currency conversion started to fail.
	  Many thanks to Sean Wenzel for the fix.

	* Updated documentation in ASX.pm and Trustnet.pm to note their
	  current functional unhappiness.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_07

2001-12-19	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia to provide lookup of
	  Asian stock quotes (not including Japan).  Many thanks
	  to M.R.Muthu Kumar for this patch.

2001-07-23	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated Yahoo::Europe.pm so that stocks fetched from the
	  Stockholm exhcnage (.ST) are correctly listed as being in
	  Swedish Krona (SEK).

2001-07-04	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Confirmed debian packages release with Ross Peachey.

	* Moved cvs tags in debian/* so that finance_quote_1_06
	  point to the files used in building 1.06, not those building

2001-06-26	Paul Fenwick <pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added AEX module courtesy of Rob Sessink.

	* Updated ASX module to use the new (again!) ASX website.
	* Updated ASX module to use HTML::TableExtract.  Code is much
	  simplier now.

	* Updated Fidelity module to make use of the new fidelity website.

	* Updated the Fidelity test to always test the fidelity_direct method.

	* Bumped version number on F::Q to 1.06.

	* Updated Trustnet module to assume GBP if no currency explicitly

	* Updated Trustnet test because one of the funds we were looking
	  for had changed its name, causing the test to fail.

	* Added AEX test suite to repository.

	* Removed failover into Fool.pm support, as I'd like to do more
	  testing before it enters the failover system.

	* Updated the FAQ.

	* Updated the INSTALL file.

	* Moved regression tests from /t to /test. Updated MANIFEST
	  file accordingly.  This means that autoamtic installs from
	  CPAN won't run the regression tests, which was causing
	  installation to fail on some systems.

	* Updated lists of copyright holders, SEE ALSO sections
	  in man-pages.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_06

2001-06-25	Linas Vepstas
	* Added Tdwaterhouse module from James A. Treacy.

2001-06-04	Brent Neal	<brentn@users.sourceforge.net>
	* Fixed Tiaacref.pm to reflect new CGIs at www.tiaa-cref.org
	  New symbols available for the module - check the POD 
	  documentation for more info. 

2001-05-11	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Tweaked VWD.pm to strip whitespace from currency and
	  remove asterisks from names.

2001-05-10	Volker Stuerzl
	* Updated VWD.pm to account for changes in VWD website.

2001-05-09	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Fixed strange behaviour which could occur when using
	  FQ_LOAD_QUOTELET environment variable.  This now works
	  as intened.

	* Added Jasmin Bertovic's Cdnfundlibrary module.

2001-05-08	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Applied Leigh Wedding's patch to ASX.pm, after ASX changed
	  their website yet again!  All is working happily once
	  more. Thanks Leigh.

	* Added Tobias Vancura's F::Q::Fool module.

	* Added Fool as a automatically loaded loaded module from

2001-04-05	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated ASX.pm module to reflect changed location of
	  information on the ASX's website.  (Still doesn't
	  help when the ASX site is totally broken, as is
	  too often the case.)

	* Updated Trustnet.pm module to reflect changes to the
	  Trustnet site.

2001-02-16	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated to repsect formatting changes in data fed to the
	  currency function.

	* Updated Quote.pm to include updated information on 

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_05

2001-01-22	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated to respect the FQ_LOAD_QUOTELET environment variable
	  to auto-load custom Quotelet.

2001-12-05	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated the Yahoo::USA source to finance.yahoo.com as
	  the quote.yahoo.com may become depreciated in the future.
	  Thanks to Iain Lea for spotting this.

2000-11-29	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated the URL we obtain currency information to

	* Updated docs in Yahoo/Europe.pm to note the Xtera exchange
	  moving from FX to DE.

	* Thanks to Jan Willamowius for the above two changes.

2000-11-21	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Extra code to ensure that currency-fields returned by a
	  Quotelet are unique.  This prevents the potential bug of
	  a field undergoing currency conversion multiple times and
	  hence being quite off-track.

2000-11-05	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* BUG 121557: Fixed bug where the 40th symbol in a Yahoo lookup
	  would fail.

	* F::Q::UserAgent is now ready for release, but is still considered
	  experimental.  Users must explicitly turn it on by setting
	  $Finance::Quote::USE_EXPERIMENTAL_UA = 1;

	* Updated the FAQ.

	* Added MANIFEST file.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_04

2000-10-29	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* F::Q now makes use of a custom F::Q::UserAgent to fetch
	  information.  This is capable of doing proxy authentication
	  and other arbitary http-headers.

2000-10-27	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated yahoo_europe test suite as one of the symbols we were
	  using for testing has since dissapeared.  (Bankrupt? Merged?)

2000-10-20	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Much better discovery of non-existant stocks in ASX.pm.

	* Checks for possible divide-by-zero problems in ASX.pm.
	  Thanks to Stephen Stebbing for catching this.

	* Updated ASX testing.

	* Updated all test scripts to remove spurious warnings under
	  Perl 5.6.

	* Updated ASX module to deal with stocks when they have market
	  announcements.  Previously this would result in garbage being
	  returned for that stock.

	* Updated VWD module so it can parse information from the new
	  VWD site.

	* Updated F::Q version to 1.03.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_03

2000-09-27	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated Trustnet module with patch from Keith Refson.

2000-09-16	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added Volker's VWD module and testing script.

	* Updated Makefile to check for HTML::TableExtract.

	* Updated INSTALL file to provide infomation on how to install
	  modules that F::Q depends upon.

	* Updated Quote.pm to load VWD, DWS and Trustnet by default.

	* Updated README file to mention the webpage.

	* Added Trustnet regression testing program.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_02

2000-09-12	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Mention of Bill Bell's java library in the FAQ.

2000-09-04	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Keith Refson's patch to Trustnet to avoid premature returns
	  in case of a bad symbol.

2000-09-01	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Tweaked ASX.pm to avoid divide-by-zero errors and dodgy
	  bogus-looking label values.

2000-08-31	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added Keith Refson's Trustnet module.

	* Added .cvsignore file to reduce spam for developers using CVS.

	* Updated Yahoo/USA.pm to provide more compatible returns when
	  called as a fidelity failover.

	* Tweaked DWS.t testing script so that it loads the module

2000-08-29	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Rejiggered ASX module to try and make it work again after
	  an ASX site rewrite.

	* Updated Quote.pm so that if a method was called directly
	  (old-style) not through fetch, then it would do the right
	  thing if called via an object.  This means that things
	  like $q->asx(@stocks) work correctly again.

	* Updated fetch() method so that it returns the empty list
	  rather than undef when called in an array context.

	* fetch() now returns a hashref if called in a scalar context.

2000-08-22	Volker Stuerzl	<volkers@users.sourceforge.net>
	* Added DWS test script.

2000-08-21	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Improved documentation in the yahoo_europe test script.

2000-08-16	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added DWS.pm module to the CVS repository, courtesy of
	  Volker Stuerzl.  This module fetches information from the
	  Deutsche Bank Gruppe.

	* Updated asx.t script because it really hurts the entire
	  "make test" thing when ASX is unhappy.  Now it still hurts
	  (because the ASX module sucks), but less.

2000-08-14	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated chkshares script so that it can deal with any market,
	  not just the ASX.

2000-08-06	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated regression testing scripts to make sure that spurious
	  percentage signs are no longer returned.

2000-08-04	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Patched Yahoo::Base to no longer return spurious percentage signs.

2000-07-31	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* The currency function no longer makes an expensive HTTP
	  request if both the to and from currencies are identical.

2000-07-25	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base now removes more HTML-ish guff that
	  Yahoo tries to place in CSVs.

	* Updated yahoo_europe.t to check that stocks from London are in

	* Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Europe now returns London stocks in
	  GBP.  Previously it was incorrectly returning them in pence
	  and calling it Euros.

	* Finance::Quote has a new scale_field() function that is used in
	  currency conversion and by some sub-modules (Yahoo::Europe).  This
	  may be useful for future module writers.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_01

2000-07-16	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Documented the list of possible markets in Yahoo::Europe.

	* Many many small syntax fixes in documentation.

	* Expanded and improved webpage.

	* Updated revision to 1.00

	* Updated INSTALL documentation.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_1_00

2000-07-15	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Wrote documentation for Yahoo::Europe (incomplete) and
	  Yahoo::USA.  Changed modules to require perl 5.005 because
	  we make use of some of its features (like hash slices).

	* Improved labels documentation in Finance::Quote.

	* Added exchange and method information (where possible)
	  to the various sub-modules.

	* Improved chkshares example script to check for errors.

	* Removed bad test in currency.t and replaced it with a better

2000-07-13	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Improved fidelity module such that it doesn't return information
	  about stocks we did not request.

2000-07-08	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added POD for TIAA-CREF and T. Rowe Price sub-modules.

2000-07-02	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Many more documentation improvements in both the Finance::Quote
	  POD and the sub-modules.

2000-06-25	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Documented many of the new 0.19 functions in the Finance::Quote

2000-06-24	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated currency regression testing script.

	* Updated currency fetching routines to handle different date
	  formats returned by Yahoo!

	* Updated automatic currency conversion routines to avoid
	  spurious warnings.

2000-06-23	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Cleaned up the hacker's guide.

	* Updated Examples/stockdump.pl to allow currency to be specified.

	* Automatic currency conversion now works.

	* Updated ASX and Yahoo::USA to not tag indexes with currency

	* Updated Yahoo::Base to automatically accomodate suffixes for
	  when we wish to add them automatically.

	* Added Yahoo::Australia to look up Australian stocks.

	* Tested failover of Yahoo::Australia to Yahoo::ASX.

2000-06-22	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added sections on currency conversion to the hacker's guide.
	  Now I just need to write the code.  :)

	# Added currency conversion code, but haven't tested it yet.

2000-06-21	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Rolled all the Yahoo functions into a base pseudo-class.

	* Fixed bug whereby large lookups in the yahoo functions would
	  overflow the maximum URL length of some proxies/servers.

	* Expanded the number of fields available via Yahoo::Europe.

2000-06-17	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Re-added currency lookups to Quote.pm

	* Added regression testing script for currency.

	* Added automatic currency conversion stub.

	* Removed TODO file as we now keep track of outstanding jobs
	  in SourceForge.

2000-06-16	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added webpage to CVS repository.

2000-06-03	Jacinta Richardson	<jarich@users.sourceforge.net>
	* Changed modules so they return undef in scalar context,
	  empty list in list context, on failure.

	* Changed modules so they return a hashref when in scalar
	  context, and a hash in list context.

	* Reviewed/corrected hackers guide.

        * Added currency tags to existing modules to signal currency type
          (AUD, EUR, USD)

        * Added tests to check currency tags.

2000-06-03	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Revived dead vanguard method by rolling it through Yahoo.

	* Added labels method to everything.

	* Added price labels to everything.

	* Updated Quote.pm to query new labels methods.

	* Provided a failover method for fidelity via Yahoo.

	* Added failover functionality.

2000-05-31	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added Documentation/TODO.

2000-05-27	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added Documentation/Hackers-Guide.

	* Tweaked Quote.pm to provide an AUTOLOAD method for those people
	  who don't want to go through the fetch() methods.

2000-05-14	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Huge re-write and change of everything so that it should be easy
	  to plug in new modules without changing any existing code.

2000-05-13	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added Documentation/FAQ file.

2000-04-30	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated POD.

	* Improved returned error messages.

	* Updated the README file.

	* Updated the INSTALL file.

	* Tagged files as finance_quote_0_18 for release.

2000-04-25	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Rolled changes together when CVS got a little out-of-whack.  :)

	* Return many new fields from yahoo() which we previously fetched
	  but did not use.  These include avg_vol, day_range, year_range,
	  div_date, div, and div_yield.

	* Fixed typo in docs  s/yeild/yield/;
	* Added ex_div for Ex-Divident Date in yahoo().

2000-04-24	Brent Neal		<brentn@users.sourceforge.net>
	* Finished updating error-checking for tiaacref. The tiaacref
	  function now returns a success/failure flag for every symbol
	  passed to it. It also checks that the data is valid. Returns
	  meaningful error messages for these failures.

2000-04-24	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Updated in-line code regarding checking for Yahoo!

	* Added meaningful error-messages to Yahoo! when stock
	  lookups fail.

2000-04-23	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added success/fail tests to asx, fidelity, troweprice, yahoo
	  and yahoo_europe.

	* Updated appropriate testing functions.

	* Updated documentation to include fetch and list of known

	* Updated yahoo_europe to return undef's instead of N/As.

	* Removed HTML from returns from yahoo_europe.

	* Fixed logic bug in process yahoo_* N/As into undefs.

2000-04-21      Brent Neal      <brentn@users.sourceforge.net>
        * Added checking for bogus symbols in tiaacref
        * Added checking of the LWP::UserAgent->is_success method
	* tiaacref() now supports $stocks{$sym,'success'} notation.
        * Updated t/tiaacref.t and Examples/Quote_example.pl for
               the changes

2000-04-21	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added extra methods to fetch (nasdaq, nyse) which act as
	  aliases to yahoo.

	* Added stockdump.pl example script, which is handy in debugging.

	* fetch is now an exportable function.

	* yahoo() function no longer returns entries for fields that
	  used to be returned as 'N/A'.

	* yahoo() now supports the $stocks{$sym,'success'} notation.

2000-04-20	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Removed misleading comments from Finance::Quote.pm

2000-04-18	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added fetch() function to provide a cleaner interface to fetching
	  quotes from a variety of sources.

	* Added tests for fetch() to the asx.t test script.

2000-04-16	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added yahoo_europe test script.

	* Removed depreciated vanguard function.

2000-04-14	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Added TIAA-CREF testing script.

	* Added troweprice testing script.

2000-04-13	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Fidelity private functions renamed to indicate they are private.

	* Small optimisations in fidelity functions to avoid spurious warnings
	  and un-needed processing of non-useful lines.

	* Functions now quickly return undef when not passed a list of stocks.
	  Previously they would waste time looking up nothing.

	* Documentation additions and corrections.

	* Added test files (Use.t, asx.t, yahoo.t, fidelity.t)

	* Added experimental function (currency) to look-up conversion
	  rates between currencies.

	* Added an example script (currency-lookup.pl) to test said
	  currency conversion.

2000-04-10	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Changed Examples/chkshares.pl to print a pretty table.

	* Incorporated Cooper Vertz's patch to add high, low and net change
	  to quotes obtained from Yahoo!

2000-04-08	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* Integrated TIAA-CREF changes from Brent Neal.

	* Changes to Makefile.PL to check dependancies, etc.

	* Updated Examples/Quote_example.pl to include TIAA-CREF examples.

	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_0_17

2000-04-06	Paul Fenwick	<pjf@cpan.org>
	* CVSTAG: finance_quote_0_16

	* Initial public release.