Revision history for Perl extension Log::Procmail.

0.14 2022-10-03 BOOK
    - give proper attribution to Tony Cook in the Changes file
    - fix up hurried release: clean up Changes, add missing contributors

0.13 2022-10-03 BOOK
    - clear the eof flag to read past the previous end of file (TONYC)
    - switched to dzil for building the release

0.12 2012-01-03 BOOK
    - fixed an =encoding POD directive

0.11 2005-11-15 BOOK
    - moved all the documentation at the end of the module and script
    - added a Build.PL script
    - Enrico Sorcinelli (bepi) sent me a log file that
      Log::Procmail couldn't parse correctly. It does now.
    - works like mailstat(1) when given an empty file
      (except for the shell error message)

0.10 2005-03-28 BOOK
    - added META.yml and made t/01pod.t be seen by CPANTS
    - this is only a kwalitee-raising release, move along, nothing to see

0.09 2005-01-19 BOOK
    - backport to perl 5.005 (Thanks to Mathieu Arnold)
    - can_read() does not work for files on Win32,
      so select() now returns undef on those systems

0.08 2004-04-26 BOOK
    - the fh() method returns a filehandle to the currently opened
      log file
    - the select() method returns a IO::Select object watching the
      current fh()
    - example script from Ian Langworth (thanks!)

0.07 2004-04-26 BOOK
    - support From addresses with spaces inside (darn spammers)
    - moved all files to lib/ and scripts, so as to avoid installing in the same directory as

0.06 2004-04-18 BOOK
    - fully use Test::More for the test suite
    - removed AUTOLOADed methods in Log::Procmail::Abstract
    - Return incomplete log lines when some fields are missing
      or lines are mixed up
    - ymd() returns undef when the date field is not good
    - source() returns the log file name or stringified handle
    - a new test suite to compare and mailstat

0.05 2003-01-11 BOOK
    - changed the sort order in
    - few cosmetic changes
    - lots of thanks

0.04 2002-07-26 BOOK
    - better handling of the mix of tabs and spaces in procmail logs
    - errors() allows the return of unrecognized lines (errors)
    - added a working script
    - ymd() croaks if used to modify the date

0.03 2002-07-25 BOOK
    - new ymd() method, that return dates that are easy to sort
    - Corrected a slight bug when using isa() on a string that
      doesn't start by a letter (e.g. an absolute filename)

0.02 2002-02-22 BOOK
    - the Log::Procmail object can now read from filehandles
      (like \*STDIN) or IO::Handle objects.

0.01 2002-02-03 BOOK
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.20 with options -AX -n Log::Procmail