Revision history for Acme-MetaSyntactic

1.015 2021-03-30 BOOK
    - add one transliteration for tr_utf8_basic

1.014 2017-10-30 BOOK
    - Restore meta/metafy script installation (ILMARI)
    - Minor encoding patch

1.013 2017-04-17 BOOK
    - Test::MetaSyntactic now prints a summary of failed themes at the end of
      the all_themes_ok test suite
    - ensure the test suite works when @INC does not contain '.'
    - switch to Dist::Zilla for maintaining the distribution
    - add quotes and links for two blogs posts about Acme::MetaSyntactic
    - update a link to the Perl source history (from Perforce to Git)
    - contributors

1.012 2013-10-14 BOOK
    - Test::MetaSyntactic now tries to load each theme in isolation
    - do not use blib in t/50usecase.t
    - fix the t/usecase_list8 script to not trigger
      recursion detection (when loading pause_id)
      (this should fix a long standing installation bug)

1.011 2013-09-16 BOOK
    - the name() method now accepts a "$theme/$category" parameter,
      instead of just "$theme"

1.010 2013-08-12 BOOK
    - flip the executable bit on script/metafy

1.009 2013-08-12 BOOK
    - Test::MetaSyntactic now enforces stricter rules on themes:
      a theme will fail if it is empty, or if it returns the empty
      string as a name

1.008 2013-01-13 BOOK
    - the load_data() method now closes the DATA filehandle when done.
      Many themes use __DATA__ to store their names, which could cause
      problems ("Too many open files"), when loading a lot of themes.

1.007 2012-10-08 BOOK
    - Test::MetaSyntactic now supports RELEASE_TESTING
      (and keeps supporting AUTHOR_TESTING for backwards compatibility)

1.006 2012-08-26 BOOK
    - add support for end-of-line comments in the __DATA__ section
      (in the load_data() method)

1.005 2012-07-24 BOOK
    - fix t/31any.t to work with themes having very few items

1.004 2012-06-28 BOOK
    - add support for POST request in Acme::MetaSyntactic::RemoteList

1.003 2012-06-12 BOOK
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::List now automatically removes duplicate
      items from the initialisation data,
    - thus making obsolete the subtest_uniq test in Test::MetaSyntactic
    - give Test::MetaSyntactic a shorter timeout to check for the network
    - fix some encoding issues (fixes RT #77657)

1.002 2012-05-21 BOOK
    - ensure theme names used in tests are unlikely to conflict
      with themes existing in the wild

1.001 2012-05-14 BOOK
    - new subtest in Test::MetaSyntactic: subtest_encoding
    - extract() for MultiList lists that have remote lists
      can now behave differently for each category (the category
      is passed as a parameter)
    - add links to meta(1) from Acme::MetaSyntactic's documentation
      (fixes RT #77060)
    - new contributor added to contributors theme

1.000 2012-05-07 BOOK
    [NEW THEME 2012/05/07]
    - contributors
    - provided as a shortcut for one-liners (perl -Meta)
      (closed RT #28849)
    - all themes but foo (the default) and any moved to another
      distribution: Acme-MetaSyntactic-Themes

0.99_05 2012-05-04 BOOK
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::MultiList init() now accepts an argument.
      (closed RT #40116)
    - made sure no tests depend on included themes

0.99_04 2012-04-10 BOOK
    - improved version of Test::MetaSyntactic, with more subtests

0.99_03 2012-03-31 BOOK
    - moved all tests common to all themes in the Test::MetaSyntactic module
    - remove possible duplicates in unicode theme

0.99_02 2011-11-10 BOOK
    - clean up some "Name used only once" warnings
    - fix pod coverage tests for unicode theme

0.99_01 2011-10-18 BOOK
    - fix tests that used to break with Perl >= 5.10
      (thanks to Florian Ragwitz and Randy Stauner for patches)

0.99 2006-11-06 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/11/06]
    - summerwine (Smylers)
    - metafy is a new script that can search metasyntactic terms and
      replace them by others
    - pause_id
    - pokemon
    - pm_groups

0.98 2006-10-30 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/10/30]
    - magma
    - dilbert
    - linux
    - pause_id

0.97 2006-10-24 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/10/23]
    - good_omens (Jean Forget)
    - dilbert
    - linux
    - pause_id

0.96 2006-10-16 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/10/16]
    - thunderbirds (Abigail)
    - browser (Rafaël Garcia-Suarez added "iceweasel")
    - pause_id

0.95 2006-10-09 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/10/09]
    - linux
    - pause_id
    - pm_groups

0.94 2006-10-02 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/10/02]
    - nis (Abigail)
    - pause_id

0.93 2006-09-26 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/09/25]
    - jabberwocky (Abigail)
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::MultiList now has a has_category() method
      to test if a given theme contains a certain category
    - pause_id
    - pm_groups

0.92 2006-09-16 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/09/18]
    - invasions (Jean Forget)
    - dilbert
    - pause_id
    - vcs (Abigail)

0.91 2006-09-10 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/09/11]
    - vcs (Éric Cholet)
    [ON TO VERSION 1.00]
    - the DATES file now lists all planned themes until version 1.00
    - #21325 on (update metro with Chicago lines)
    - dilbert
    - metro (Chicago by Elliot Shank, London, Rotterdam, Toronto by Abigail)
    - pause_id
    - phonetic (Dutch list by Abigail)
    - pm_groups
    - punctuation (update from wikipedia by Abigail)
    - yapc (new YAPC by Abigail)

0.90 2006-09-03 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/09/04]
    - state_flowers (Abigail)
    - pause_id
    - yapc (Vienna and Houston were selected for 2007)

0.89 2006-08-28 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/08/28]
    - pause_id
    - dilbert
    - planets (Pluto is not a planet anymore)
    - pornstars

0.88 2006-08-22 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/08/21]
    - metro
    - ... but is has changed so much, that is just like it was.
    - From now on, Acme::MetaSyntactic has exactly 100 * $VERSION
      themes. Version 0.99 (the last beta) will ship with 99 themes.
    - No more cheap tricks to reduce the headcount, yay!
    - t/31any.t has been updated to work correctly if other themes
      are installed
    - t/41count.t is back (and works correctly if other themes are
    - #21028 on (David Adler noticed that t/31any.t failed)
    - space_missions (new categories: manned_spacecraft, launch_vehicles
      and victims)

0.87 2006-08-08 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/08/14]
    - sins (Abigail)
    - pm_groups
    - space_missions was not listed in the MANIFEST file for the
      previous version, and was therefore not included...

0.86 2006-08-04 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/08/07]
    - pie (Nicholas Clark)
    - removed t/41count.t from the public tests, as it may break
      when older versions of Acme::MetaSyntactic are already installed
      (that's because some themes have been renamed or removed)
    - apollo (augmented and renamed space_missions)
    - space_missions (Jean Forget)

0.85 2006-08-02 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/07/31]
    - foo
    - foo was made multilingual (see the change log for 0.26, 0.38,
      0.55, 0.70 and 0.73 for the whole list of cheap justifications)
    - only one more of those, and we'll have the version number correspond
      to the total number of themes
    - toto (removed and merged into foo)
    - Due to holidays and bad connection, this list was two days late.

0.84 2006-07-23 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/07/24]
    - tour_de_france (Abigail)
    - donmartin
    - services (added a link to the IANA list)
    - simpsons (made updatable with a link provided by Matthew Musgrove)

0.83 2006-07-11 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/07/17]
    - metro

0.82 2006-07-07 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/07/10]
    - olympics (Abigail)
    - dilbert
    - groo (fixed a typo)
    - pm_groups
    - pokemon

0.81 2006-07-03 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/07/03]
    - swords (Jean Forget)
    - dilbert

0.80 2006-06-24 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/06/26]
    - pgpfone (David Golden)
    - dilbert
    - norse_mythology (Jean Forget added new categories names, places
      humans, norns and events, and also added a few dwarves, gods,
      giants and valkyries)

0.79 2006-06-19 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/06/19]
    - lotr (Jean Forget)
    - pm_groups
    - pornstars

0.78 2006-06-08 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/06/12]
    - scooby_doo (Michel Rodriguez)
    - the alias use cases were not included in the MANIFEST file
      and therefore not in the distribution. They are now.
    - dilbert

0.77 2006-06-05 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/06/05]
    - colors
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::Alias improves lazyness by allowing a
      theme to be the exact copy of another one, with no work
      (the colors theme is an alias of the colours theme)
    - colours (Abigail provided many English color names)
    - pm_groups

0.76 2006-05-25 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/05/22]
    - colours (José Castro)
    - jamesbond (Abigail added several categories)

0.75 2006-05-22 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/05/22]
    - norse_mythology (Abigail)
    - pornstars

0.74 2006-05-15 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/05/15]
    - userfriendly (Abigail)
    - one more success story in the meta(1) documentation
    - dwarves (Abigail, 9 new languages)
    - phonetic (Gisbert W. Selke, German typo)
    - planets (Abigail, update to 42 languages)
    - pornstars
    - weekdays (Gisbert W. Selke, 10 new languages)

0.73 2006-04-30 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/05/08]
    - planets
    - planets was made multilingual (see the change log for
      0.26, 0.38, 0.55 and 0.70 for the whole list of cheap
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale is now a subclass of
      Acme::MetaSyntactic::MultiList, and supports territories.

0.72 2006-04-28 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/05/01]
    - pantagruel (Rafaël Garcia-Suarez)
    - pm_groups
    - pornstars

0.71 2006-04-26 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/04/24]
    - sql
    - pornstars

0.70 2006-04-16 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/04/17]
    - jamesbond (Abigail)
    - You know the story, now... (If not, see the change log for
      versions 0.26, 0.38 and 0.55.) This time I turned a simple
      list into one with categories.
    - The meta script can now be called with "meta theme/category"
      instead of "meta --category category theme". (Abigail)
    - meta now accepts a --sources switch, that lists the sources
      used by a remote list. (Abigail)
    - browser (Rafaël Garcia-Suarez added a new item)
    - pornstars
    - #18700 on (update to the browser theme)

0.69 2006-04-09 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/04/10]
    - pornstars (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)
    - New behaviour Acme::MetaSyntactic::MultiList allows themes
      to be organised in categories and sub-categories. Usage is
      similar to Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale (except that the
      constructor parameter is named 'category')
    - the first theme to use this feature is... pornstars
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::RemoteList has a new method sources()
      that can report the source URLs for subcategories (for
    - the meta script accepts a new --category option, to select
      a category within an Acme::MetaSyntactic::MultiList theme
    - Since 0.59, Acme::MetaSyntactic::RemoteList could accept
      serveral sources. This functionality is now fully tested.
    - tests for Acme::MetaSyntactic::MultiList
    - skip a few more tests if LWP::UserAgent is not installed
    - hhgg (updated a reference link)

0.68 2006-03-24 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/04/03]
    - pop2
    - counting_rhyme (Anja Krebber and Yanick Champoux provided
      a German version)
    - dilbert
    - services (now uses a very large online list)

0.67 2006-03-23 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/03/27]
    - pop3

0.66 2006-03-19 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/03/20]
    - smtp (Abigail)

0.65 2006-03-12 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/03/13]
    - contrade (Estelle Souche)

0.64 2006-03-05 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/03/06]
    - trigan (Abigail)
    - DATES lists all planned themes until version 0.68.
    - pm_groups
    - pokemon
    - pooh (Abigail provided a few more characters)

0.63 2006-02-16 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/02/27]
    - planets (Abigail)

0.62 2006-02-16 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/02/20]
    - garfield (Abigail)

0.61 2006-02-12 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/02/13]
    - pooh (Abigail & Leon Brocard)
    - pm_groups

0.60 2006-02-05 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/02/06]
    - gems (Abigail)
    - dilbert
    - pm_groups

0.59 2006-01-30 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/01/30]
    - chess (Abigail)
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::RemoteList now supports having several sources
      (but will parse them all in the same manner), thanks to Abigail
    - t/23length.t checks that items are not longer than 251 characters,
      and are therefore valid Perl identifiers
    - donmartin (Flavio Poletti noted that the list was incomplete.
      I put up a more accurate list instead of adding the missing item.)
    - haddock (Jan Pieter Cornet provided a Dutch version of the list)
    - pokemon (added two pokemons that the parsing code didn't catch)
    - tmnt (the lists sources are on the web)
    - yapc (some more YAPC were announced for 2006)

0.58 2006-01-22 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/01/23]
    - tmnt (Abigail)
    - pm_groups
0.57 2006-01-15 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/01/16]
    - barbarella (Abigail)
    - meta now has a --check method that fetches the remote list and
      shows which items were added or removed (thanks to Abigail).
    - dilbert
    - pokemon
    - us_presidents (Abigail spotted a typo and provided a code patch)

0.56 2005-12-29 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/01/09]
    - pokemon (Abigail)
    - pm_groups (28 groups died, 4 were created)

0.55 2005-12-27 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2006/01/02]
    - weekdays
    - Well, the theme has changed enough that I can consider it
      new: it's now a subclass of Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale
      and supports Basque, Catalan, Corsican, Danish, Dutch, English,
      Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Latvian,
      Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Welsh and Yiddish
      lists (as well as the Pataphysical calendar).
    - You've being doing this three times already! What does it mean?
    - I must admit that it's the only way I've found to add something
      new each week and still manage to have only 100 themes when I
      reach version 1.00...

0.54 2005-12-22 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/12/26]
    - barbapapa (Abigail)

0.53 2005-12-19 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/12/19]
    - opcodes (Abigail)
    - the list of themes (as returned by themes() is still computed
      at startup, but if new themes appear while the current script
      is running, they can be "required" without a restart
    - dilbert

0.52 2005-12-11 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/12/12]
    - us_presidents (Abigail)
    - dilbert

0.51 2005-12-04 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/12/05]
    - weekdays (Abigail)
    - Added support for empty lists (prevents AMS from falling into
      an infinite loop), thanks to Abigail
    - Better support in Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale for language
      tags longer than 2 characters
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::RemoteList now uses LWP::UserAgent to fetch
      remote lists
    - booze (see below)
    - dilbert
    - unicode (better support for various Perl versions and a very basic
      default list)
    - #16256 on (David Landgren provided 11 new beverages
      and corrected a typo in AMS::booze)

0.50 2005-11-26 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/11/28]
    - unicode
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::List and Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale-based
      theme can now supply their lists to __PACKAGE__->init(), instead
      of storing them in __DATA__. The data format must be the same
      as the one that load_data() returns.
    - Oops. The DATES file was not listed in the MANIFEST file, 
      and therefore not included in version 0.49.
    - DATES now lists all planned themes for 2005.

0.49 2005-11-20 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/11/21]
    - pm_groups
    - dilbert (thanks to Acme::MetaSyntactic::RemoteList, see below)
    - yapc (YAPC::NA 2006 will be in Chicago)
    - name() is now a class method for Acme::MetaSyntactic::List and
    - A new class, Acme::MetaSyntactic::RemoteList, makes it possible
      to fetch the source list for the theme from a given URL.
      The associated test script spots new items and warns me about it.
    - The first themes with a remote list are viclones, dilbert and
    - meta now has a --remote option that prints the remote list of items
    [NEW FILE]
    - the DATES file lists all themes added since the beginning,
      with date and version information, as well as planned
      additions. This version lists all themes up to version 0.50.

0.48 2005-11-01 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/11/14]
    - dwarves (Antoine Hulin, Abigail & Xavier Caron)

0.47 2005-10-31 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/11/07]
    - facecards (Estelle Souche)
    - counting_rhyme (Dutch couting rhyme by Abigail)
    - discworld (Jean Forget added 35 new items)
    - yapc (Missing cities added by Abigail)
    [NEW FILE]
    - the CONTRIBUTORS file lists all the people who helped me
      with Acme::MetaSyntactic. Thanks to you all!

0.46 2005-10-24 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/10/31]
    - antlers (Gaal Yahas)

0.45 2005-10-23 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/10/24]
    - booze (Nicholas Clark)
    - jamesbond (new movie title is public)

0.44 2005-10-14 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/10/17]
    - constellations

0.43 2005-10-09 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/10/10]
    - roman (Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões)

0.42 2005-10-02 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/10/03]
    - discworld (Martin Vorländer)

0.41 2005-09-25 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/09/26]
    - apollo (Jean Forget)
    - pynchon (David Landgren gave me 70 new items)
    - Win32::Locale is now the last after $ENV{LANGUAGE} and $ENV{LANG}
      under Win32 (it was previously the only possibility)
    - #14691 on (thanks to Barbie, who ran the tests
      under Win32, I discovered I didn't really knew %INC, and
      that I forgot that use = require + import)

0.40 2005-09-11 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/09/19]
    - yapc (Mark Fowler)
    - increased coverage for the theme() method

0.39 2005-09-08 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/09/12]
    - stars (Rafael Garcia-Suarez)
    - counting_rhyme (David Landgren spotted a typo)
    - phonetic (Gábor Szabó had a test failure)
    - Each theme now has a theme() method, for reflexion
    - the list validity is now tested for all locales for subclasses
      of Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale (thanks to Gábor Szabó)

0.38 2005-08-24 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/09/05]
    - phonetic
    - Well, the theme has changed enough that I can consider it
      new: it's now a subclass of Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale,
      and supports Swahili, French, English, German and Italian
      lists (as well as the good old NATO).
    - #14276 on (multilingual phonetic, with unofficial
      Swahili alphabet)

0.37 2005-08-23 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/08/29]
    - jerkcity (Rafael Garcia-Suarez)

0.36 2005-08-23 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/08/23]
    - currency
    - batman (link to photos of the onomatopoeias)
    - Due to holidays, this list was a day late. I hope this wasn't
      needed in production! ;-)

0.35 2005-08-13 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/08/15]
    - garbage (Jérôme Fenal)
    - the meta(1) command-line now has an usage line
      and recognises the --help option

0.34 2005-08-07 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/08/08]
    - peanuts

0.33 2005-07-31 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/08/01]
    - services

0.32 2005-07-24 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/07/25]
    - octothorpe
    - Correctly defined the import() method for each AMS subclass.
      Using any Acme::MetaSyntactic::theme with the empty list () will
      now prevent the metatheme() function to be created.
    - Coverage is not 100% any more (99.6% under Linux and 99.4% under
      Windows), but I think I'll mostly blame Devel::Cover ;-)

0.31 2005-07-17 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/07/18]
    - monty_spam

0.30 2005-07-10 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/07/11]
    - counting_rhyme (Xavier Caron & Paul-Christophe Varoutas)

0.29 2005-07-03 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/07/04]
    - punctuation
    - dilbert
    - added "use strict;" to AMS::elements and AMS::quantum

0.28 2005-06-26 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/06/27]
    - oulipo
    - hhgg (Jean Forget provided a few links)
    - crypto (Guy Widloecher provided new items and links)

0.27 2005-06-19 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/06/20]
    - groo

0.26 2005-06-13 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/06/13]
    - simpsons
    - Sorry, the theme disappeared in version 0.12, when I made
      the change to the behaviour-based architecture
    - What's the point of having 100% coverage, when things like
      this happen?
    - Hey, nobody complained until now!

0.25 2005-06-06 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/06/06]
    - pasta
    [BUG FIX]
    - magicroundabout had a BUG, which is now fixed (sorry about that)

0.24 2005-05-29 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/05/30]
    - magicroundabout (Cédric Bouvier)
    - magic8ball (4 items were missing)
    - meta now supports a --themes option that lists all the available

0.23 2005-05-16 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/05/23]
    - teletubbies
    - added SUCCESS STORIES to the meta(1) documentation

0.22 2005-05-12 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/05/16]
    - quantum (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)

0.21 2005-05-08 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/05/09]
    - alphabet
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::any's constructor now accepts parameters,
      which can modify the behaviour of the chosen themes (e.g.
      the themes derived from Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale)
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::any now ensures there will be no repetition
      in a given theme until all items from the theme have been seen.
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale is now listed among the available
      behaviours in Acme::MetaSyntactic

0.20 2005-05-02 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/05/02]
    - debian

0.19 2005-04-24 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/04/25]
    - magic8ball

0.18 2005-04-11 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/04/18]
    - amber (Offer Kaye)

0.17 2005-04-10 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/04/11]
    - elements (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)
    - now looks for Acme::MetaSyntactic themes everywhere in @INC
      (not only in the directory where Acme::MetaSyntactic is installed)
    - better documentation for Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale
    - load_data() does not destroy $_ any more
    - the bugfix in 0.16 did not fix the "whitespace in install dir" bug,
      but the @INC enhancement did (thanks to Olivier Mengué for pointing
      me to File::Glob)

0.16 2005-04-01 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/04/04]
    - haddock (Jérôme Fenal)
    - The new Acme::MetaSyntactic::Locale allows for multilingual themes
    - The first theme to use this behaviour is "haddock"
    - Still 100% coverage (even cover Win32 code under Unix)
    - Corrected a bug that only appeared if Acme::MetaSyntactic
      was installed in directories containing whitespace
      (thanks to Max Maischein for testing under such conditions!)

0.15 2005-03-17 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/03/28]
    - python (Ricardo Signes)
    - dancers (removed bad characters)
    - dilbert (removed duplicates)
    - donmartin (removed duplicates)
    - robin (removed duplicates)
    - cleaned up the result of load_data()
    - This module is a dependency for two other modules!
      + Bot::MetaSyntactic is the base for the meta bot on #perlfr
      + Acme::MetaSyntactic::RefactorCode will replace your boring
        metasyntactic variables with shiny new ones

0.14 2005-03-14 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/03/21]
    - pumpkings (Rafael Garcia-Suarez)
    - hhgg

0.13 2005-03-06 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/03/14]
    - loremipsum (Jérôme Fenal)

0.12 2005-03-06 BOOK
    - To prevent endless growth of the Acme::MetaSyntactic module,
      and support various theme behaviours, support for behaviour
      classes has been added.
    - The first behaviour class is Acme::MetaSyntactic::List, which
      reproduces the previous behaviour of selecting a number
      of random items from a list, with no repetition until
      the list is exhausted.
    - The 17 existing themes have been converted to the new scheme.
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic is a dependency for a least one module!
      Praise Bot::MetaSyntactic, which is the core of the meta bot
      running on irc://
    - the API has changed a little:
      + Acme::MetaSyntactic does not has methods named after the
        themes any more
      + The name() method now accept the theme name as its first
      + name( [ $theme, ] 0 ) now returns the full list of names
    - Code coverage is still 100%, but I had to resort to a hack
      to achieve this feat.
    - Acme::MetaSyntactic::List is the classic "random item from a list"
      that existed until now
    - More behaviour subclasses will follow!
    [NEW WEEKLY THEMES 2005/03/07]
    - any     [a metatheme (!) that returns names from a random theme]
    - dancers [a birthday gift and homage to my wife,
               who was born on March 7th, 30 years ago]
    - toto (Jérôme Fenal)

0.11 2005-02-22 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/02/28]
    - hhgg (Aldo Calpini)

0.10 2005-02-10 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/02/21]
    - viclones

0.09 2005-02-06 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/02/14]
    - buffy (Rafael Garcia-Suarez)

0.08 2005-01-18 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/02/07]
    - phonetic (Michel Rodriguez)

0.07 2005-01-18 BOOK
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/01/31]
    - jamesbond (heh)

0.06 2005-01-18 BOOK
    [BIG FUX]
    - themes() didn't work correctly in scalar context.
    - meta did issue a warning when called without arguments.
      Rafael Garcia-Suarez provided a patch, which I modified
      so that no args means default theme.
    [NEW WEEKLY THEME 2005/01/24]
    - tld (Scott Lanning suggested ISO 3166 country codes)

0.05 2005-01-16 BOOK
    - From now on, releases should happen on a weekly
      basis, every monday morning (CET)... A new list every week!
    - Email me with suggestions (and lists).
    - 0.04 was released too soon, so this version:
      + puts the coverage back at 100% (one missing test in 0.04
        had the coverage fall to 97.8%. Darn.)
      + removes the compromising "log" file (which was there since 0.01)
      + removes the "Build" file (which was there since 0.01, as well)
    - script/meta is a simple front-end, useful with $EDITOR
    - New theme:
      + browser (with a little help from Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)

0.04 2005-01-15 BOOK
    - Correct a typo in Markefile.PL (thanks to Mike Castle)
    - The method themes() returns the sorted list of available themes
    - New themes:
      + crypto (anonymous)
      + simpsons
    - closed ticket #9725 on (wishlist)

0.03 2005-01-14 BOOK
    - Documentation patches
    - Put everything in __DATA__ to make adding new themes easier
    - New themes (the names in parentheses indicate who suggested
      the theme and/or provided the list):
      + dilbert (Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni)
      + donmartin (Vahe Sarkissian)
      + pynchon (David Landgren)
      + robin
    - closed ticket #9731 on (discussion)

0.02 2005-01-14 BOOK
    - The module now exports all meta* functions.
    - If many items are requested, the module will supply as many
      as requested, as randomly as possible.

0.01 2005-01-13 BOOK
    - First version, with only an OO interface.
    - 100% test coverage (Devel::Cover rules!)
    - Themes:
      + batman
      + flintstones
      + foo
      + shadok
      + toto