Revision history for Role-RunAlone

Version     Timestamp
v0.1.0      2020-09-06 23:19:00 PDT
            Promoted v0.0.0_04.

v0.0.0_04   2020-09-06 23:09:00 PDT
            Minor tweak to README.
            Added note to the description that locking the DATA section only
            works on a single machine.
            Removed Moo as a runtime dependency, retained for tests.
            Merged to master and tagged as RC_v0.1.0

v0.0.0_03   2020-09-05 23:09:00 PDT
            Fixed spelling errors and fine tuned xt/spelling.t
            Improved SYNOPSIS section.

v0.0.0_02   2020-09-05 14:42:00 PDT
            Changes to tests for earlier versions of Perl.
            Modified POD to better apply to new name.

v0.0.0_01   2020-09-04 21:22:00 PDT
            Brought in MooX::Role::RunAlone v0.0.0_04 as starting point
            Extended tests with Local::TrapExit.