OpenGuides Troubleshooting Guide

If you are able to run wiki.cgi from the command line but receive an
Error 500 when trying to view it in your browser, look for the following
message in your webserver error logs:

  "Unable to tie -map_name [...] datafiles directory [...] does not exist
   and cannot be created."

This means that the directory you specified in your configuration as
"indexing_directory" is inaccessible by the user that your CGI is running
as.  This might mean one of two things:

 - you've specified an indexing_directory within your own webspace
   and the user your CGIs are running as - typically 'nobody' or
   'www-data' - doesn't have permission to write there


 - you've specified an indexing_directory in a place that you're not
   allowed to write to

or a combination of both.  Your ISP or sysadmin might be able to help you
further with this problem if you can't figure it out yourself; as a start,
try setting your indexes directory as world-writeable.


Important note for those using SQLite:

The user your CGI is running as must have write access to not only the
database file itself, but the directory that the file is in, in order
that it can write a lockfile. If it doesn't have write access to the
database file, you'll see errors like "Unhandled error: [DBD::SQLite::db
do failed...".