Changes for version 0.83

  • Remove use of MapQuest tiles, as they're no longer available. Add full CGI URL to popups on map search results, so they can be used in addon scripts. Fix broken version link in ?action=about Make sure index pages don't offer page deletion links. Upgrade Leaflet version to 1.1.0. Make sure HTTPS website links are truncated in same way as HTTP. Stop escaping commas in URLs in places that got missed last time. Attempts to autocreate categories/locales with underscores in the name will now see all underscores changed to spaces.



A complete web application for managing a collaboratively-written guide to a city or town.
An OpenGuides helper for CGI-related things.
Handle OpenGuides configuration variables.
generate data feeds for OpenGuides in various formats.
An OpenGuides plugin to output JSON.
An OpenGuides plugin to output RDF/XML.
Search form generation and processing for OpenGuides.
Run Lucy-backed text searches for OpenGuides.
Do Template Toolkit related stuff for OpenGuides applications.
Methods to help test OpenGuides applications.
General utility methods for OpenGuides scripts.


in lib/OpenGuides/