Changes for version 0.71

  • Added scale to category/locale index maps. Fix several test failures triggered by the stricter Test::HTML::Content (et al) mode used when XML::LibXML is not installed Work around a "No such method textContent" bug in Test::HTML::Content when XML::LibXML is not installed Respect destdir when installing scripts, templates, etc and when initialising SQLite databases Use mkpath to create the custom template directory rather than mkdir, for cases where the parent directory doesn't already exist


A complete web application for managing a collaboratively-written guide to a city or town.
An OpenGuides helper for CGI-related things.
Handle OpenGuides configuration variables.
generate data feeds for OpenGuides in various formats.
An OpenGuides plugin to output JSON.
An OpenGuides plugin to output RDF/XML.
Search form generation and processing for OpenGuides.
Do Template Toolkit related stuff for OpenGuides applications.
Methods to help test OpenGuides applications.
General utility methods for OpenGuides scripts.


in lib/OpenGuides/