Changes for version 0.66

  • All templates now have access to the "username" TT variable. Node name parameters in URLs are now accepted with spaces instead of underscores, to take account of people typing manually - these will redirect (303) to the proper URLs with underscores (#114). Add CSS classes for each category and locale to the "content" div (and hence we now require version 2.24 of Template). Switch to using Geo::Coordinates::OSGB/ITM instead of Geography::NationalGrid (which no longer exists on CPAN). Make sure that whitespace is collapsed in autocreated categories and locales, to avoid creating undeletable pages. Add an template to include a map link in content for autocreated categories and locales (#275). Make sure the show_missing_metadata action skips redirects.


A complete web application for managing a collaboratively-written guide to a city or town.
An OpenGuides helper for CGI-related things.
Handle OpenGuides configuration variables.
generate data feeds for OpenGuides in various formats.
An OpenGuides plugin to output JSON.
An OpenGuides plugin to output RDF/XML.
Search form generation and processing for OpenGuides.
Do Template Toolkit related stuff for OpenGuides applications.
Methods to help test OpenGuides applications.
General utility methods for OpenGuides scripts.


in lib/OpenGuides/