0.90    Released at 2020-07-12.
        - Fixed call of Sys::Hostname::hostname.

0.88    Released at 2016-08-08.
        - Just fixed meta data.

0.87    Released at 2015-06-16.
        - Implemented new option skip_message.

0.86    Released at 2015-06-12.
        - Quick fix for dateext and fileopen.

0.85    Released at 2015-06-12.
        - Added parameter dateext to Output::File.

0.84    Released at 2014-10-24.
        - Fixed some version conflicts.

0.83    Released at 2014-10-23.
        - Added method set_default_param.

0.82    Released at 2013-11-03.
        - Fixed the calls of _raise_error (RT #89989).

0.81    Released at 2013-11-01.
        - Added param utf-8 to Screen.pm and File.pm.

0.80    Released at 2013-10-04.
        - Fixed RT #89250 - dump() calls Dumper() now only if the log
          level is active.

0.79    Released at 2013-09-06.
        - Added option "category".

0.78    Released at 2013-05-16.
        - Fixed bug in validate->reload for default configs (RT #85346).

0.77    Released at 2013-05-15.
        - Just fixed Pod::Coverage testing in 002-pod-coverage.t.

0.76    Released at 2012-11-19.
        - Fixed dbi_handle in DBI.pm (RT #81155).

0.75    Released at 2012-03-09.
        - Quick fix and replaced the "defined or" operator // with || in
          Pattern.pm, line 101 for backward compability with Perl < 5.10.
          Thanks to all CPAN smoker for the fix test reports!

0.74    Released at 2012-03-07.
        - Removed "main" from _get_c_sub if caller returns undef.
          Sorry, that was just for debugging :/
        - 3 releases at one day... GRML

0.73    Released at 2012-03-07.
        - Improved _get_c_sub in Pattern.pm (RT #75596).

0.72    Released at 2012-03-07.
        - Some code improvements to tune Log::Handler.
          Each value that is passed to set_pattern and is not code
          will be embedded into sub{}.
        - Add option utf8 to Screen.pm (RT #75593).

0.71    Released at 2011-02-10.
        - Fixed RT#65515 and added dateformat to _split_options().

0.70    Released at 2011-01-07.
        - Added exists_logger().
        - get_logger() doesn't croak any more if a logger
          doesn't exists.

0.69    Released at 2010-12-11.
        - Just a full release.

0.68_01 Released at 2010-12-07.
        - Added option dbi_handle to DBI.pm.
        - Bug fix RT #63687.

0.68    Released at 2010-11-24.
        - Fixed a bug in add(). It wasn't possible to pass more
          than one output configuration to add().

0.67    Released at 2010-10-10.
        - Fixed a bug in set_level. The new level was set correctly
          but no message was logged because the output wasn't added
          to the $self->{levels} array.

0.66    Released at 2010-09-27.
        - Roled back again to 0.65 for different reasons.
        - Fixed some spelling error in POD (RT #60005).
        - It's not possible any more to create or get
          more than one logger with get_logger() and

0.65_04 Released at 2010-09-07.
        - Fixed a bug with filter_output in Log::Handler
          and Log::Handler::Output.

0.65_03 Released at 2010-08-27.
        - Added option filter (unused since 2008-07-25).
        - Added method filter().

0.65_02 Released at 2010-08-16.
        - Rollbacked to 0.65 :-)
        - Fixed some spelling error in POD (RT #60005).
        - Added option category that works like filter_caller
          but it's nicer to configure.

0.65_01 Released at 2010-08-03.
        - Modified create_logger and get_logger and added
          the functionalety to create and fetch category loggers.
        - Fixed some spelling error in POD (RT #60005).

0.65    Released at 2010-08-02.
        - Modified Log::Handler::Output::DBI. Oracle is unable
          to handle "select 1". The statement is changed to
          "select 1 from dual".

0.64    Released at 2010-01-29.
        - Fixed a bug in Email.pm on line 256 - $string can be

0.63    Released at 2009-11-24.
        - Fixed a typo in Email.pm (RT #51745).
        - Added options cc and bcc to Email.pm - this was a
          feature request.
        - It's now possible to pass the log level to log()
          of Sendmail.pm.

0.62    Released at 2009-11-06.
        - Some bug fixes for reload() but it should run now :-)

0.61_04 Released at 2009-11-04.
        - Fixed a little bug in Sendmail.pm - the tests returns
          an error if no /usr/sbin/sendmail is found.
        - Some code improvements in Handler.pm.

0.61_03 Released at 2009-11-01.
        - Added a validate() functionality. It's really
          useable to validate() before reload().

0.61_02 Released at 2009-11-01.
        - Fixed a bug in Email.pm - $options -> $opts.
        - Made some code improvements in Log::Handler.
        - Added reload() to the test suite.
        - Added UNIVERSAL to the dependencies.

0.61_01 Released at 2009-10-31.
        - Added a reload functionality to Log::Handler and
          all output-modules.

0.60    Released at 2009-10-23.
        - File.pm: "append" is now the default for option
        - Full release.

0.59_02 Released at 2009-10-17.
        - Default for option newline is now 1.

0.59_01 Released at 2009-10-11.
        - Kicked deprecated module Log::Handler::Simple.
        - Kicked _close, _lock, _unlock in File.pm and moved the
          functionalety into log() and close().
        - Kicked deprecated option "reconnect" from DBI.pm.
        - Added Log::Handler::Output::Sendmail.

0.58    Released at 2009-10-07.
        - Forget to kick Devel::Backtrace from Log::Handler::Simple.
        - Log::Handler::Simple will be kicked in the next release.

0.57    Released at 2009-10-06.
        - Kicked UNIVERSAL::require.
        - Kicked Devel::Backtrace.

0.56    Released at 2009-06-06.
        - Just a full version.

0.55_01 Released at 2009-06-05.
        - Oops... there was no _raise_error routine in
        - Fixed a bug in Handler.pm - the hash reference that were
          passed to add() were changed (RT #46631).

0.54    Released at 2009-05-27.
        - Just a full version.

0.53_01 Released at 2009-05-27.
        - Fixed a bug in Log::Handler::Output::DBI - it was unable
          to create a valid dsn for sqlite (RT #46407).
          - Added option dbname
          - Added option data_source

0.52    Released at 2009-05-24.
        - No changes, just a full version.

0.51_01 Released at 2009-05-22.
        - Added method set_level() to Handler.pm to change the log
          level at runtime.

0.51    Released at 2009-03-07.
        - Just a full release.

0.50_01 Released at 2009-03-07.
        - Fixed a bug in the output DBI.pm - if the connection to
          the database was lost then the message lost as well even
          if a reconnect was successful.
        - Added option prepare_message.
        - Fixed message_pattern - the formatted messages was
          overwritten if message_pattern was set.
        - Option reconnect from Log::Handler::Output::DBI is

0.50    Released at 2008-11-27.
        - Added the functionality to create a application logger.
          New functions are create_logger and get_logger.
        - Added option expect_caller, what is the opposite of
          option filter_caller.

0.49    Released at 2008-11-16.
        - Added patterns %U and %G (user, group).
        - Fixed a bug in Socket.pm. If the server gone then
           Log::Handler croaks even if die_on_errors is disabled.
        - Fixed a bug in Output.pm. $log->error(0) logs nothing.
          $log->error('foo', undef, 'bar') caused a warning.

0.48    Released at 2008-10-28.
        - Fixed a bug in Email.pm - no error message if a email
          couldn't be send.
        - Added Email::Date to send the date with a email.
        - EMAIL: if the key $message->{level} exists then the level is
          used in the subject: "$level: $subject". The level can
          passed with the option message_pattern.

0.47    Released at 2008-09-04.
        - Add new config features. Now it's possilbe to add the
          configuration for the outputs as a array reference.
        - Add method log() to log with the level as first argument:
        - Kicked Changes.pm. Not needed any more.

0.46    Released at 2008-07-28.
        - Fixed Plugin::YAML. It was created as Plugin::Config::YAML.
        - Did some code/example improvements.

0.45    Released at 2008-07-25.
        - Kicked $self->{caller_level} and replaced it with
          Log::Handler::CALLER_LEVEL. The reason is that if dump(),
          die() or warn() was called then the patterns %p, %f, %c or
          %s was wrong.
        - Changed option filter to filter_message and added a new
          option called filter_caller.

0.44    Released at 2008-06-04.
        - Fixed set_pattern(). It dies if the key name is something like
          'x-name' because $m->{x-name} is not valid.
        - Changed pattern %R to %r.

0.43    Released at 2008-05-21.
        - Fixed log() in DBI.pm and Socket.pm - only try to reconnect
          if persistent + reconnect is set to true. Sorry :(

0.42    Released at 2008-05-21.
        - Added $|=1 to Screen.pm.
        - warn() is now a shortcut for warning().
        - Add flush() to Handler.pm, Output.pm and File.pm.
        - Added Perl version 5.6.1 to Build.PL (use warnings & utf8).
        - Added a licence file.
        - Fixed reconnect in DBI.pm.
        - Fixed a lot of POD typos.

0.41    Released at 2008-05-09.
        - Messages will be send to all outputs, even if a output is
          not able to log a message. In version 0.40 the handler
          stopped if a message couldn't be logged. That was bad.
        - Did a lot code, POD and internal doc improvements.

0.40    Released at 2008-05-04.
        - A full release - finally :-)
        - Kicked all <level>_and_trace and <level>_and_die methods.
          Replaced them with $log->die and $log->trace.
        - Did some code and POD improvements.

0.39_17 Released at 2008-04-29.
        - Kicked all <level>_and_croak methods and carp() - to bloated.
        - message_pattern and message_layout is now builded with eval.
        - The patterns are not static any more. Changes at runtime are
          possible with set_pattern().
        - Fixed Log::Handler::Output::Email - forget to call sendmail()
          if buffer is set to 0.
        - Kicked option interval from Log::Handler::Output::Email.
        - All log() methods of each output expects now a hash or a
          hash reference with the message (message => $message).
          Before this change it was possible to pass a hash reference
          or a simple string: { message => $message } or just $message.
        - Some other little improvements: POD, Code, Examples

0.39_16 Released at 2008-04-17.
        - Kicked all <level>_and_exit() methods - to bloated.
        - Added Log::Handler::Pattern.
        - Added Log::Handler::Output::Socket.
        - Added option filter and alias to the handler.
        - Added close() to Log::Handler::Output::File.
        - Added connect() and disconnect() to Log::Handler::Output::DBI.
        - Added connect() and disconnect() to Log::Handler::Output::Socket.

0.38_15 Released at 2008-03-06.
        - The old style of Log::Handler version 0.38 is now implemented as
        - POD improved; added Changes.pod, Examples.pod.

0.38_14 Released at 2008-02-17.
        - Forget to delete some POD parts - sorry :/

0.38_13 Released at 2008-02-17.
        - Kicked trace() and option "trace".
        - Added trace methods for each level.
        - Added croak, carp, die and warn methods for different levels.
        - Log::Handler::Levels is now the base class for all level methods.

0.38_12 Released at 2008-02-16.
        - Released with a lot of POD, code and example improvements.

0.38_11 Released at 2008-02-15.
        - Changed option message_keys to message_pattern.
          I hope that was the last change of this name :/
        - Fixed POD typos and improved the documentation.

0.38_10 Released at 2008-02-13.
        - Added Log::Handler::Output::Screen.
        - Added option "priority" to the handler.

0.38_09 Released at 2008-02-09.
        - Fixed t/100-config.t. Config::General was loaded, but it's not
          in the prereq list. Kicked GLOBREF from the validate list for
          config filename in Log::Handler::Config.

0.38_08 Released at 2008-02-08.
        - Kicked eval { } from Log::Handler::Output::DBI.
        - Missed documentation for dbi_params in Log::Handler::Output::DBI.

0.38_07 Released at 2008-02-08.
        - Replaced options prefix and postfix with message_layout.
        - Added %m as message to placeholders.
        - Renamed option setinfo to message_keys.
        - Added Log::Handler::Output::DBI.
        - A lot of other code improvements.
        - Moved the main logic from Log::Handler::Logger back to
        - Renamed Log::Handler::Logger to Log::Handler::Output. This module
          builds the output message and is just for internal usage.
        - Renamed all output modules from Logger to Output.
        - Patterns are not global any more. Now the patterns are stored
          into the Log::Handler object.
        - Changed option debug to debug_trace. The reason is that the
          option debug can be used for output objects.

0.38_06 Released at 2008-01-20.
        - POD improved and a lot of POD typos fixed.
        - Fixed splitToTree argument for plugin Config::Properties.
        - Different code improvements.
        - Add option setinfo to Log::Handler::Logger.
        - The message is now handled with a hash ref intern.

0.38_05 Released at 2008-01-19.
        - Very annoyingly... wrong description for Log::Handler::Logger::Forward.

0.38_04 Released at 2008-01-19.
        - Fixed test for parameter 'filename' in t/03handler.t.
        - Fixed a lot of typos and improved the code.
        - Added Log::Handler::Logger::Forward.
        - Added Log::Handler::Logger::Email with Net::SMTP.
        - Added fatal() to Log::Handler.

0.38_03 Released at 2008-01-14.
        - Added Log::Handler::Config.pm.
        - Added plugins for Config::General, Config::Properties and YAML.
        - Fixed some POD typos.

0.38_02 Released at 2008-01-13.
        - Fixed test for 'mode' in t/03handler.t.
        - POD and intern documentation improved.
        - Fixed example examples/trace.pl.
        - Kicked method levels() from Log::Handler::Logger.
        - Added the option trace. With this option it's possible
          to deactivate the logging of trace messages to a logfile.

0.38_01 Released at 2008-01-13.
        - Added Log::Handler::Logger and moved the main logger logic to it.
        - Now it's possible to define more than one log file. Each log file
          got it's own Log::Handler::Logger object.
        - The simple call of "Log::Handler->new()" will not create a default
          output object for *STDOUT any more, it just creates an empty Log::Handler object.
        - To add log file the method add() should be used. The first log file can be
          defined by new().
        - The methods close(), set_prefix(), get_prefix are not available any more.
        - The placeholder <--LEVEL--> for the prefix is changed to %L. In addition there
          are different other placeholders available and it's possible to define a postfix.
        - trace() will trace caller informations to all log files that are defined.
        - Did a lot of other code changes.

0.38    Released at 2007-09-29.
        - Kicked set_log_buffer() and get_buffer_log().
        - Did some code improvements and split _print() into different routines.
        - The option filename isn't mandatory any more. The default is *STDOUT.

0.37_01 Released at 2007-07-20.
        - Added set_buffer_log() and get_buffer_log() to Log::Handler.
        - Kicked now the would_log_* methods. Since 0.33 the is_* methods exists
          as replacement.

0.37    Released at 2007-07-04.
        - Added option rewrite_to_stderr.
        - Replaced syswrite to print in _print().

0.36    Released at 2007-06-15.
        - Now it's possible to set utf8 on the filehandle.
        - Kicked CLOSE().
        - Kicked File::Stat because CORE::stat() is much faster and I did some
          other improvements. Now _print() is ~50% faster if reopen is used.

0.35    Released at 2007-06-05.
        - Added method trace() to prints caller() to the log file.
        - Did some code improvements and fixed POD typos.

0.34    Released at 2007-05-22.
        - Changed the regex /.*\z/ to /.\z|^\z/ to append a newline if not
          exists because /.*\z/ seems to be a regex bug.

0.33	Released at 2007-05-09.
        - Added 13 is_* methods. They do the same as the would_log_* methods.
        - Added close() as replacement for CLOSE(). CLOSE() exists in further
          releases but is deprecated.
        - Did some code improvements and fix some POD typos.
        - Kicked IO::Handle from PREREQS and autoflush myself on the file handle.

0.32	Released at 2007-04-26.
	    I jumped from 0.15 to 0.32 because there exists brownfields on backpan.
	    Replaced my own routine to get caller() informations with Devel::Backtrace.
	    Added the option debugger_skip.

0.15	Released at 2007-04-25.
        - Fixed typos in POD.
        - Changed the way to activate the debugger. Now the debugger is activated
          over the call of new().

0.14	Released at 2007-04-24.
        - Fixed "use Log::Handler debug => ...".

0.13    Released at 2007-04-20.
        - Added the availability to activate debugging with "Log::Handler debug => 1".

0.12    Released at 2007-04-15.
        - Fixed DESTROY(). DESTROY() tries to unlock $self->{fh} in any case.
        - Autoflush wasn't set if the option "filename" was set to STDOUT or
           STDERR or a GLOBREF.

0.11    Released at 2007-04-10
        - Add the methods set_prefix() and get_prefix(). Did some POD changes.

0.11_02 Released at 2007-04-04
        - Add the alternative to set "nothing" as option for minlevel and

0.11_01 Released at 2007-04-04
        - I changed the log levels because they wasn't in the right order.
          0 debug     is now 7
          1 info      is now 6
          2 notice    is now 5
          3 warning   is now 4
          4 error     is now 3
          5 crit      is now 2
          6 alert     is now 1
          7 emergency is now 0
          8 nothing is still the same
          If you set maxlevel and minlevel as strings in your code than
          you don't need to change your code, but if you used numbers
          than you must change it! BIG sorry to all users that have to
          re-write code in this case.
        - Thanks to betterworld for his tipps about the log levels! (thx pepe ;-))

0.10    Released at 2007-04-04
        - Add the alternative to set STDOUT and STDERR as a string
          with the option "filename".

0.09    Released at 2007-03-01.
        - Fixed t/03handler.t. The test log file was in unix format
          t/Log-Handler-Test-File.log, now it use File::Spec catfile().
        - Forget to CLOSE() the log file in t/03handler.t and test fails
          on Windows.

0.08    Released at 2007-02-25.
        - Now it's possible to hand off GLOBREF to option filename.
          There are some options that will be forced automatical:
          - fileopen => 1
          - filelock => 0
          - reopen   => 0

0.07    Released at 2007-03-13.
        - Fixed t/03handler.t.

0.06    Released at 2007-03-11.
        - Fixed a bad typo in SYNOPSIS of POD.
        - Changed the description in NAME of POD.

0.05    Released at 2007-03-11.
        - Fixed some typos in the documentation.

0.04    Released at 2007-03-09.
        - Fixed code in new(). There was three typos.

0.03    Released at 2007-03-09.
        - Fixed t/03handler.t.
        - Added some points to the documentation.
        - Add an example for die_on_errors.
        - Add an example to call syslog methods.
        - Different code changes.
        - Fixed new(). Now it returns undef if open()

0.02    Released at 2007-02-05.
        - Added eight new methods:
          would_log_notice(), would_log_note()
          would_log_error(), would_log_err()
          would_log_critical(), would_log_crit()
          would_log_emergency(), would_log_emerg()
        - Changed the POD.

0.01	Released at 2007-02-04.
x.xx	Thanks to Larry Wall and all other Perl developers for Perl :-)