Revision history for Statistics-Covid

0.22	2020-03-30
	1) Created L<Statistics::Covid::Analysis::Model::Simple> to fit data to models (polynomial, exponential)
	2) Improved L<Statistics::Covid::Analysis::Plot::Simple> which plots data.
	3) Removed dependency of GD::Graph and now plot only using Chart::Clicker
	4) Created sub L<Statistics::Covid::IO::Base::db_get_schema()>
	which returns the schema for all the tables in the database
	and optionally saves it to file.
	5) added L<Statistics::Covid::IO::Base::db_get_all_tablenames()>
	to retrieve all tablenames from the database.
	6) Added dependency C<'SQL::Translator' => '0.11019'>
	7) Fixed some documentation
0.21	2020-03-27
	1) Added dependency to DBIx::Class in Makefile.PL
	after alert from SREZIC (at
	2) Created L<Statistics::Covid::read_data_from_file()> and
	L<Statistics::Covid::read_data_from_files()> as a high level
	reading of local data files and converting to L<Statistics::Covid::Datum>
	3) Created a C<make network> Makefile target for running tests requiring
	network access.
	4) Added a L<Statistics::Covid::Utils::find_files()> sub as a high level
	interface to L<Find::Files::find()>.
	5) Created or updated scripts in C<script/> directory for fetching data
	daily, for merging databases, for selecting records from database.
0.20    2020-03-27
	1) Fixed a bug whereas the config hash read from a
	shared file was used for many DataProviders and each one
	was making a change to a shared hash. I used Storable::dclone()
	to clone the hash to each DataProvider constructor.
	2) Moved tests which required network access to C<xt/network/*.n>.
	3) Added file L<Statistics::Covid::Analysis::Plot> which plots data
	to file using L<Chart::Clicker> and also L<GD::Graph>.
	Experimented with L<Chart::GGPlot>.
	4) Added a sub L<Statistics::Covid::Utils::datums2dataframe()>
	which converts data from
	many Datum objects (e.g. as fetched from DB after a select)
	into a "DataFrame" which contains the same data grouped
	wrt one or more fields.
0.19    2020-03-26
	Changed the database schema for table Datum so that
	column name 'area' is now 'real' and not 'integer'
	as it was previously.
	Fixed documentation issues.
0.13    2020-03-26
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.