Revision history for Perl extension CSS::SAC.

0.08  Sun Jul 5 21:47 2008
        - Some kwalitee fixes

0.06  Sun Oct 19 21:47 2004
        - Module now maintained by Bjoern Hoehrmann
        - More accurate behavior wrt to namespace declarations

0.05  2003-07-07 19:56
	- changed some code (it's not really a bugfix, it changes from a
	  bug to a less likely one -- a real fix will come later) thanks
	  to a report and patch from Briac Pilpré.
	- fixed a bug to parse attr(color, color) correctly, thanks to
	  Bjoern Hoehrmann.

0.04  Sat Jul 06 16:13 2001
	- fixed a bug in Text::Balanced that caused blocks to be
	incorrectly extracted when they contained backslashed followed by
	a newline. As a result Text::Balanced 1.84 is now required.
	- fixed a bug which caused some backslash escapes to fail in IDENT
	tokens (thanks to Bjoern Hoehrmann)
	- fixed a stupid precedence bug in the RGB regex and the float regex
	(patch by Steffen Goeldner)
	- HTML end comments didn't work properly (Steffen Goeldner)
	- @import looked for uri instead of url (Steffen Goeldner)
	- added the possibility to parse properties that start with a '-'.
	I don't think that's too spec clean, but a lot of people seem to want
	those as extensions in various browsers (suggested by BH).
	- added _ to the IDENT characters (it's in CSS2 Errata)
	- fixed @page parsing (patch by SG)

0.03  Mon Apr 23 16:44:16 2001
	- switched all to Class::ArrayObjects (which used to be CSS::SAC::Helpers::ArrayObjects)
	- provide both standard and perlified names for methods
	- added lots of documentation (can still be improved, suggestions
	- removed SACPrinter and replaced it with CSS::SAC::Writer, more
	- fixed a number of small bugs here and there
	- fixed a serious bug whereby it was possible to tokenize two
	selectors in a row without a combinator (it now is seen as a fatal
	error but perhaps it should just flag an error (and keep on
	- the parser was creating negative conditions, something that I
	don't think really exists in the spec. It should have been
	creating negative selectors, which it now does.

0.02-i  04/03/2001  alpha mark II
	- added SelectorLists
	- started to add some things to make the interface closer to the
	spec for those who prefer that, while maintaining the perlishness
	for the others

0.01-i  04/03/2001 alpha mark I
	- initial tests and limited public release
	- refoundation of the entire CSS::Parser into CSS::SAC

before  22/10/1999 and previously
	- the ugly and broken CSS::Parser (now obsolete)