1). Background

POE::Component::Client::NNTP is a POE (Perl Object Environment) component which
provides a convenient way for POE applications to perform non-blocking Network
News Transport Protocol ( NNTP ) requests and receive applicable responses, to
/from an NNTP server.

The component assumes a working knowledge of RFC 977 and, optionally, RFC 2980.

2). Implementation

The component is spawned and christened with a kernel alias. You 'register'
with the component to receive events.

For server responses which generate additional text such as 'help', 'article',
etc. the component waits until it has received all server output before
returning the applicable event with the text appended.


You send:-

$kernel->post ( 'NNTP-Client' => 'article' => 51 );

The component returns a 'nntp_220' event:-

sub nntp_220 {
  my ($text,$article) = @_[ARG0,ARG1];

  # Print the article to screen

  foreach ( @{ $article } ) {
	print "$_";

  # Done


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