package ExtUtils::MM_DOS;

use strict;
use warnings;

our $VERSION = '7.62';
$VERSION =~ tr/_//d;

require ExtUtils::MM_Any;
require ExtUtils::MM_Unix;
our @ISA = qw( ExtUtils::MM_Any ExtUtils::MM_Unix );

=head1 NAME

ExtUtils::MM_DOS - DOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix


  Don't use this module directly.
  Use ExtUtils::MM and let it choose.


This is a subclass of L<ExtUtils::MM_Unix> which contains functionality
for DOS.

Unless otherwise stated, it works just like ExtUtils::MM_Unix.

=head2 Overridden methods

=over 4

=item os_flavor


sub os_flavor {

=item B<replace_manpage_separator>

Generates Foo__Bar.3 style man page names


sub replace_manpage_separator {
    my($self, $man) = @_;

    $man =~ s,/+,__,g;
    return $man;

=item xs_static_lib_is_xs


sub xs_static_lib_is_xs {
    return 1;


=head1 AUTHOR

Michael G Schwern <> with code from ExtUtils::MM_Unix

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<ExtUtils::MM_Unix>, L<ExtUtils::MakeMaker>