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  • LoadFile

    my $structure = LoadFile('/path/to/yml'[, $force_reload]);

    Loads the structure from '/path/to/yml' into $structure, preferring the cached version if available, otherwise reading the file and caching the result for 593 seconds (about 10 minutes).

    If $force_reload is set to a true value, the file will be loaded from disk without regard to the current cache status.

  • DumpFile

    DumpFile('/path/to/yml', $structure);

    Dump the structure from $structure into '/path/to/yml', filling the cache along the way.

  • FlushCache


    Remove all currently cached YAML documents from the cache server.

  • FreshenCache


    Freshen currently cached files which may be out of date, either by deleting the cache (for now deleted files) or reloading from the disk (for changed ones)

    May optionally provide a list of files to check, otherwise all known cached files are checked.

    Returns a stats hash-ref.