Revision history for VMware::vCloud

NB: Skipped version numbers were never released.

v2.370 2013-04-15

    VMware::API::vCloud - vapp_recompose_add_vm()

    VMware::vCloud - get_template() - now returns hash or hashref in context
    VMware::API::vCloud - admin(), admin_extension_get(),
      admin_extension_vimServer_get(), catalog_get(), catalog_get_access(),
      org_get(), org_list(), pvdc_get(), task_get(), template_get(), 
      template_get_metadata(), vdc_get(), vdc_list(), vapp_get(), 
      vapp_get_metadata() - now use the core get() method

v2.360 2013-04-09

    VMware::vCloud - delete_vapp(), create_vapp_from_sources()
    VMware::API::vCloud - vapp_create_from_sources(), vapp_create_from_template()

    Error's now die() with the returned "message" as well as the HTTP code.
    VMware::vCloud - Cache is automatically purged on delete actions.
    VMware::API::vCloud - org_get(), org_list(), vapp_get(), vdc_get() - now use the core get() method
    VMware::API::vCloud - get() now has level-3 debug of the request header
2.32 2013-03-29

    VMware::vCloud - get_task(), list_pvdcs(), wait_on_task()
    VMware::API::vCloud - org_vdc_update(), put(), task_get()

    examples/ - Now using VMware::vCloud
    VMware::vCloud - get_vdc() now retruns hash or hashref.
    VMware::API::vCloud - added debug levels 2 and 3
    Date format in documentation is now in ISO 8601 format.

2.29 2013-03-25

    Acknowledgement of David Gress as a contributor.
    VMware::vCloud - create_catalog(), delete_catalog()
    VMware::API::vCloud - catalog_create(), catalog_get_access(),
      catalog_set_access(), logout()*
	VMware::API::vCloud - POD noting the LoginUrl error.

    Automatic call of logout() on DESTROY if needed.

  * Provided by David Gress
2.26 2013-03-19

    VMware::API::vCloud - template_get_metadata(), vapp_get_metadata()
    VMware::API::vCloud - Started adding API documentation URLs as comments in 
                          front of each method.

    VMware::vCloud - list_vapps() & list_templates() - Now uses the current login 
      org a a parameter to list_vapps() to avoid pemission errors when logged in 
      as an Org Admin.
    VMware::vCloud - org_create() improved POD, added ldap_mode as a parameter.

2.22 2013-03-14

    VMware::vCloud - admin_urls(), debug(), delete_org(), delete_org_network(), 
      delete_vdc(), disable_org(), disable_vdc(), enable_org(), enable_vdc(), 
      extensions(), get_pvdc(), list_external_networks(), list_portgroups(), 
      purge(), vimserver(), webclienturl()

    VMware::vCloud - get_org() - now returns hash or hashref depending on context.
    VMware::vCloud - Improved and reorganized POD.
    POD cleanup and formatting.

2.19 2013-03-13

    VMware::vCloud - create_external_network()
    VMware::API::vCloud - admin(), admin_extension_get(), 
      admin_extension_vimServer_get(), delete(), get_raw(), org_create(), 
      org_list(), org_network_create(), org_vdc_create(), pvdc_get(), vdc_list()
    API version information is now read directly from offered versions.
    Learned variables and Raw responses now attached to $VMware::API::vCloud::self
    When Debug is on, learned variables are displayed on exit.
    Now working with API version v5.1
    Removed the 1.0 and 1.5 schema from the MANIFEST until necessary.
    Most recent version is used.
    Login URL is now directed by Version response.
    VMware::API::vCloud - org_list() now generated with caching.

    Version now included in accept header for authentication.
2.12 2011-10-27

    XML schema descriptors for 1.0 and 1.5 included in distribution.
    VMware::API::vCloud - "Template name validation" to "BUGS and LIMITATIONS" POD.
    VMware::vCloud - create_vapp_from_template(), get_template(), 
      list_networks(), list_vdcs()
    VMware::API::vCloud - template_get()
    examples/ - Example of how to list templates.
    examples/ - Instantiate a template with defaults.

    examples/ - Corrected documentation.
    VMware::vCloud & VMware::vCloud::vApp - now used bless() with two arguments.
      _fault() now pushes a Dumper() of the HTTP object on error. That gives 
         more detail on a fault when debug is enabled.
      post() now has optional parameters for content and content type.
    examples/ - Now actually included in the distribution
2.07 2011-10-06

    VMware::API::vCloud: Error handling now recognizes an HTTP::Response object.
    Synopsis documentation on VMware::vCloud.

    Included VMware::vCloud::vApp in MANIFEST

2.06 2011-10-05

    VMware::vCloud::vApp - An object representation of a vApp.
    examples/ - Powering a vApp on.

    Documentation now matches all methods.

2.04 2011-10-03

    Caching of data with Cache::Bounded.
    list_templates() & examples/ - List templates
    examples/ - Removed commented-out code from 1.x version.

2.01 2011-09-30

  This is a major change in philosophy. Previously this module emulated the API
  in the name of method and returned data structures.

  This does not match most conceptual and desired usage for automation. People
  do not "think" in a collection of REST API calls. They think in actions like
  "deploy a VM."

  Consequently I have moved the direct API implementation to 
  VMware::API::vCloud. It offers an unadulterated pure-perl based view of the
  API and its transactions.

  In VMware::vCloud, I am going to try and present a more human friendly view.

    lib/VMware/API/ - Raw API calls and returns.

    Session ID is now handled via HTTP header, not cookies. This matches the published API docs.

1.600.08 2011-08-02

	examples/ - List all vApps and their VMs

    Added POD to the examples:,
    Fixed double "v" on new Version in POD

1.600.07 2011-07-29

    vdc_get() - List the contents of a Virtual Datacenter
    vapp_get() - List the contents of a vApp

    Moved to multidigit CPAN-compatible version to work around single-digit subversion numbers.

1.6 2011-07-14

    catalog_get() - List a catalogs contents

  NB: Release created and submitted from the air on cross-country flight. :)

1.5 2011-07-01

    Tests now skip() and don't report fail when connection info is not
    provided. The first test reports visual details of this.

1.4 2011-06-25

    org_get() - List an organizations contents
	examples/ - Usage of the org_get() method
    login() - Returned data structure is now only the Org branch of the content.
	t/02-header.t - Added a dummy "ok" to avoid "dubious" warnings until test is expanded.

    Removed POD references to VMware::API::LabManager

1.3 2011-06-25

    Error calling Data::Dumper on _fault()
    Syntax error in META.yml

1.2 2011-06-23

  The server is now properly queried for the API version.
  XML to data structure translation of server responses is now in place.  

    api_versions() - Method to check API version supported by server
    login() - Now returns a data structure of accessible organizations upon successful login.
1.1  2011-06-16

  Initial connection seed from sample code from with comments from
  the VMware communities.


     login() - Basic method to get a login token from the server.