Revision history for Perl extension Text::Delimited.

2.07  2014/02/24

	Meta information updated
	Added LICENSE file to distribution

	Tests updated to Test::Simple.

	Version leap to match automated build numbers.
2.00  2006/07/31

	Provided non-capitalized method names to match Perl style as suggested
         by CPAN rating comments. Historic "Java-style" method names still

	Corrected POD and docs for new method names, version changes, other 
	 grammatical errors and removed accidental references to

	Added initialization checks on exported methods to avoid superfluous
	 warnings generated when -w is used.

	Added credit to PetBlvd ( for the sponsorship
	 of further development.

1.93  2004/07/21

	Removed autovivification of the internal filehandle. Now using the
	 Symbol::gensym() to be backwards compatible to earlier versions
	 of Perl 5. Thanks to Shrinivas Potnuru for the bug report.

1.92  2004/04/02

	Full copyright and license information.

1.91  2004/01/15

	Derived from HMS tool Util::TabFile (1.9 2003/11/05)

	Support for changing delimiter added.

	Module made to pass strict.