Revision history for Perl extension Term::Activity.

1.15  2014/02/24

	Updated meta information
	Added LICENSE file to distribution

1.14  2014/02/19

	Updaing core SCM to git.
	Version numbers are now generated on release, not commits.
	Added "interval" and "count" to options.
	Added "Term::Size" as a prereq
1.11  2012/03/04

	Tests updated to be compatible with perl 5.15. 
	(Swapped to Test::Simple to avoid using future bareword "plan")
	Correct initilization check for skinning parameters.
	Version jump to match cvs archive.

1.06  2004/09/10

	Now you can provide your own start time.
	Debug output is now offered as a configurable parameter.
	Oops! The class implementation clobbered the input parameters.

1.05  2004/04/02

	Properly blessing into the class name.
	Full copyright and license information.

1.04  2004/03/25

	Added the ability to relabel the display.
	Improved algorithm for handling slowdowns in the rate of processing.

1.03  2003/10/08

	Fixed an 'overlap' bug that was due to the number field expanding 
	 onto the current cursor location. Warnings galore.
	Emails updated to current preferences.

1.02  2003/09/23

	Use of 'our' requires 5.6.0 not 5.006.
	Symbol table rewrite eliminated.
	Term::Size properly implemented and checks output for sanity.
	General code cleanup and reorg.
	All warnings are now enabled.

1.01  2003/09/22

	Fixed a few overzealous uses of 'our' that throw warnings.
	Oops! The Term::Size check was outside of new().

1.00  2003/09/18

	Updated version number to reflect mature release status.
	Added test for custom characters in 'flat' skin.
	Included the correct README file.

0.01  2003/09/09

	Derived from HMS tool Util::Status (1.12 2003/09/08)